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May 21, 2006 08:33 PM

Pre-Marinated meats, meat markets in LA

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I moved down to LA last year for school and before leaving I used to go to this little meat market that marinated all of its meat and poultry for 7 days prior to selling in about 10 different types of marinades. They also made about 30 different kinds of sausages. Are there any butcher shops or meat markets near downtown LA, or somewhere somewhat close that sells pre-marinated steaks or chicken?

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  1. Most supermarkets do, such as albertsons.

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    1. re: Mealcentric

      Yeah, most supermarkets offer somethings, but the only store I have close to me is Albertsons right next to campus, and trust me, they have a very very limited selection of meats,none of which are marinated, and actually look pretty bad themselves. Right not it looks like I will be making a trip to wither Bristol Farms, Whole Foods or Trader Joes, as they seem most promising. ANy other odeas? Any small, whole in the wall meat market or butcher shops that are worth checking out?
      Thanks again for all of the help.

    2. Is there an ethnic preference to the marinated meats you're seeking? Because from what you're describing it sounds like a Britstol Farms. They have several kinds of marinated meats and a selection of sausages they make.

      1. For sausage, go to Atlas Sausage Varieties on Magnolia in the NoHo Arts District or to Schreiner's on Ocean View in Glendale. As for marinating, any Armenian meat market (they're all over the Valley, not sure about LA) will marinate anything you want, but especially lamb. Ask for your meat "marina" -- mah-ree-NAH.

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          Is Atlas open to the public again? They went strictly wholesale providers a while back and have never been by the place since.

          1. re: Ledbetter

            Boy, I don't know... I haven't been there in a while since I work very near to Schreiner's. Now I'm curious!

        2. HK markets - a chain of korean specialty grocers sell bugolgi etc thats ready to go - closest to you would be Koreatown

          California mart on Beverly(in Ktown as well) for Carne Asada

          Jims Market on Fallbrook in Woodland hills is an oasis - but far away from downtown - thats probably the best butcher in the LA area for pre marinated meats

          1. Costco has some good options.