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Dec 6, 2011 01:25 PM

Christmas Spirit Downtown Restaurant

Each year we have family come in town for a "kick off" Christmas celebration. This generally includes a carriage ride around downtown, High Tea at the Driscoll around the Christmas Tree, and a nice dinner somewhere downtown. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good downtown restaurant to make reservations at for this? It is this weekend, so them being open on Christmas Day is NOT an issue.

We just want a place that:
- Is good/comfortable for 7+ people
- is not ridiculously expensive (or we would be eating at the Driscoll :) $$ - $$$ is fine
- Is downtown
- Has a wonderful Christmas spirit about it - decorated, maybe close to other downtown decorations, etc

We have too many people this year to do a carriage ride, so any other fun activity suggestions to get everyone in the spirit would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. I can't think of much that really has a Christmas feel, but the bar in Annie's is nice.

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    1. re: tim irvine

      We actually had a pretty good meal at Trio at the Four Seasons not too long ago. The price is lower than the Driskill and the food isn't quite as good, but that said we did enjoy everything. They also decorate the place beautifully for Christmas.

    2. I believe the 1886 in the Driskill would be your best bet here