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Dec 6, 2011 12:25 PM

Christmas dinner

I am visiting relatives in the Seattle area and need some recommendations for the weekend. My parents are elderly. They love good food, but are not too adventurous. They love Spagos in BH.

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  1. Are you looking for dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
    Kaspar's over in Queen Anne does a special Christmas eve buffet. I've done their Thanksgiving spread and that was great.

    And of course a great many ethic places, which may or may not be right for your folks.

    1. You can go to Open Table and put in the date (christmase day or eve, as you wish), and a time and they can show you who is taking reservations for those, then come back here and do a search for a thread telling you how we like the place.
      That's a pretty efficient way to get alot of info quickly:)

      1. Blueacre Seafood might be a good option. Plenty to choose from, maybe a tad loud? I've not had a problem with that. Parking available too. Or Ponti Seafood Grill?

        Many years ago, we ate Thanksgiving dinner at Andaluca at the Mayflower Hotel (valet parking available) and it was excellent. Chef Wayne Johnson is still there doing his thing.

        1. Seattle Weekly just printed a list of places that are open for Christmas dinner

          I'm thinking that The Hunt Club might be a good choice for your folks, for something more old school--or maybe Copperleaf for something a little less traditional but still not likely to startle them (in a bad way).

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            Thank you very much, Hunt Club may work, any opinion on Ray's boathouse?

            1. re: anotherfatcow

              Ray's is where I take my parents and grandmother. I also frequently end up at the upstairs bar on sunny days in the summer, looking at the great view of the sound and dining on a bowl of steamer clams and drinking a local beer.

              1. re: Brunhilde

                I love the upstairs bar too, Brunhilde. Especially on Sunday afternoons when those steamer clams are marked down as is the beer and football or baseball is on the flat screens.

                1. re: firecracker

                  Firecracker and Brunhilde, Ray's is great with in-laws, and other less-adventerous out of town guests, but not so sure it would be the best for Chistmas dinner. I think the Hunt Club certainly wins out here, tradition, the lovely lobby with fireplace, etc. would be a fine classic memory.

                  From the SEA Weekly list - which is very helpful for focus, the only places on it I would go for a holiday meal would be anyone with a special holiday meal that again for narrowing down the list, that I trust to care for the things people want in such a possibly-fraught resto reservation: You want to have a great meal, or at least truly good, you want the service and atmosphere to add to your experience. You want the staff to be affabble, not surly that they have to work on the holiday, and more checklist items as you will...

                  I would vote for this very narrow list that can deliver as including;
                  The Hunt Club, as noted above.
                  As well;

                  ART (of the table), which get's mixed reviews, but the special menu sounds good, and I had a lovely meal - a little uneven, but no matter, the service and room made a difference - with my French BF's parents who were over from Paris this summer, and they loved the attention and good service. This could go along way for a special-day meal.
                  Copperleaf: Note that most of the better choices on the list are hotel resto's who have a history of caring for folk's despite what day of the year it is... This location has been a wonderful suprise to me for happy hour in the bar ( I only live 12 minutes away), a business lunch, and a couple of proffessional catered-in-a-private-room- banquet events. Every time, the service and staff wow me, and the food is pretty great. I hear it's even better if you actually go to the restaurant for dinner, which I have not done yet.

                  My 2 cents.... Merry Christmas, and happy holidays:)

              2. re: anotherfatcow

                I generally like Ray's. We went there this Thanksgiving, and I was a little less thrilled than usual. It was, I don't know...okay, but nothing extraordinary, and from Ray's I expect a little bit better. We had a very traditional turkey-and-all-the-trimmings meal, which may have been part of it--seafood is more their thing. If you do go, try to go before dark. The view is fabulous but this time of year, it's pretty much wasted if you go for dinner!