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Dec 6, 2011 12:22 PM

Early January in Rome

My husband and I will be in Rome for 4 night starting with NYE. We are looking for restaurant recommendations within Rome for 12/31/11, 1/1/12, 1/2/12 and 1/3/12. We enjoy all types of Italian cuisine from fine to rustic. Looking forward to your recommendations.

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  1. Hi KVF, in order to be helpful it is better if you provide some more details after you have done a research in the huge quantity of information already available in this board about restaurants in Rome.

    Take into account that the 31st of December the majority of open restaurants will have special tasting menus, with a price often above 100/150€ per person. There could be options for standard menus but everything depends on how and where you want to spend your NYE celebration in Rome.
    1st of January will be tough since most of the restaurants will be closed.
    The other two days instead you will not have significant constraints, except that Monday is a closure day for some places.
    Looking forward to your additional information to provide you some more specific recommendations.


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      Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I have only been to Rome once many years ago (and was on a shoe string budget at that time) and am really looking forward to eating well!
      Regarding NYE, we are perfectly fine for a tasting menu at the prices (or more or less) than what you quoted. I do not know the city well enough to tell you what part we would want to be in (and would welcome your thoughts) but somewhere lively where we could see the fireworks (of possibel from a restairant) with excellent food would fit the bill. We are definitely looking for somewhere that will have a celebratory atmosphere, champagne etc.... For the other nights a typical Roman tratorria with rustic food and a trendier update on Roman food would also be great. We would(as probably every tourist would) love delcious pizza and gelato during the day. We are going to see the sights and could take a taxi anywhere.

      I posted this new post as when I was reviewing all of the orther posts as many appeared to be outdated or focused on a couple of places. It looks like La Rosetta and Martricianella received favorable reviews and I am considering those as well. Thank you in advance for your time in responding, tavoleromane. I will be sure to check out your site.

      1. re: KVF

        My pleasure KFV!
        For a splurge NYE fitting what you are looking for there is the 3 michelin stars La Pergola, but you have to add a "0" to the prices I have mentioned in the previous post ;)
        And I even doubt they have any seat available since it is the most quoted restaurant in Rome and it has a stunning view of the near St Peter and all over Rome.
        Imago at Hotel Hassler is not at the same level as La Pergola but could be another michelin starred restaurant option. I haven't been there in the last two years but I've read good things about their current cuisine (great panoramic view is granted!). I don't know their NYE offer price but I guess it is also very expensive.
        I'd recommend also Antico Arco that has a special NYE evening at 200€. There isn't a panoramic view from the restaurant but they give you champagne and flute to celebrate the midnight going to the close Gianicolo view point that is one of the most frequented by Romans to see fireworks. Their special tasting menu is available in English at this link:
        Hope it helps.

        If you have checked my website blog section you have found additional options for NYE.
        Later today I'll try to post here something more for the other days you will be in Rome.


        Antico Arco
        Piazzale Aurelio, 7, Roma 00151, IT

        La Pergola
        Via A Cadlolo 101,, Rome, Lazio 00136, IT

        Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6, Rome, Lazio 00187, IT

        1. re: tavoleromane

          Thank you veru much for the suggestions! You are indeed correct, La Pergola is VERY expensive for NYE (1,200 Euros!), so I think we will go there another night and eat the regular menu which looks incredible. Antico Arco looks great, I think we may end up there. Looking forward to your other suggestions. Best, KVF

          1. re: KVF

            Sorry for the late answer KVF, I left Rome for a quick food trip: yesterday I had a memorable esperience in Modena at Bottura's restaurant!
            But this is out of topic...
            I'd suggest to reserve as soon as possible at La Pergola, they could be already fully booked for the whole holiday period.
            For other evenings you mentioned La Rosetta, not one of my favourites fish restaurants (too expensive in my opinion), and Matricianella that is a nice Roman food restaurant in historic center. Vino e camino is another good address for traditional cuisine.
            Concerning ice cream Gelateria del Teatro and Torcè's Il Gelato have a great selection and are easy to get for a tourist.
            For pizza I guess you have already found many suggestions in other threads. Please let me know if you may need any additional suggestions.

            Via del Leone, 4, Roma , IT

            La Rosetta
            Via della Rosetta, 9, Rome, Lazio 00186, IT

            Vino e Camino
            piazza dell’Oro 6, Rome, Lazio , IT

            Il Gelato di Claudio Torce'
            Piazza di Monte d'Oro 91/92, Rome, Lazio 00186, IT