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Dec 6, 2011 11:31 AM

ISO Sunday Brunch or Lunch in Westchester

Looking for a good Sunday lunch or brunch for 2 anywhere within 1-hour drive from midtown NYC. Total food price is less than $50 pp.

We have a car for the day and will have a quick errand to run in lower Westchester, and just want a nice quick getaway from our concrete forest neighborhood.


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  1. Have a look at Bistro Rollin in Pelham.

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    1. re: rpk

      bistro rollin is mediocre, def go to x20

      1. re: intrepid

        I'm curious as to what food you've eaten at Bistro Rollin, especially given your comment, in another post elsewhere on chowhound, about how good Wobble Cafe is.

        At Bistro Rollin, I've had, and enjoyed, the French toast, the omelette w/gruyere & ham, and the croque madame, including the fries that came with this last. I will admit to disliking their (flat, weak) cappucino and their (skimpy, flavorless) lobster roll.

        At Wobble Cafe, I liked the buckwheat blueberry pancakes on my visit in December of 2007. However, I was served the worst French toast I've ever had. Utterly flavorless and dry. Unredeemable even with liberal amounts of maple syrup. The cafe au lait was mediocre, as was the bacon (and such a small portion).

    2. Ruby's in Rye? I'd suggest North b/c their brunch is really quite good, too but I don't think Armonk is where you want to be for your errand.

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        X2O in Yonkers - $38 prix fix brunch, three courses plus unlimited sparkling wine (usually prosecco)/mimosa plus additional savories, with tax/tip about $50.00 pp. To me, the best brunch (and views) in Westchester.

      2. This was the topic of a recent CH posting, so you should be able to find the link and other recommendations. I haven't been yet, but have heard good things about the brunch at Caffe Regatta in Pelham -- their brunch menu looks wonderful/extensive and it is a pretty restaurant. They also include a drink, which is nice. I have tried the Tap House in Tuckahoe for brunch and it was good/okay, not great. Bistro Rollin is a lovely restaurant, but their brunch menu doesn't appeal to me.
        You can find a few Caffe Regatta brunch reviews on Yelp.

        1. Try X2O inYonkers. Beautiful view. Very good food. Twelve of us ate ther in May and all of us loved it.