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Dec 6, 2011 11:06 AM

Coming home to Van for a while -- are these places still worth eating at? If not, please add.


As per the topic, I'll be in Vancouver for a few months after having lived abroad for more than 6 years, and wonder if my old standby spots are still hot hot HOT.

Pho: Pho Quyen, Song Huong, Pho Hong,

Sushi: Yujis, Bistro Sakana, Miko Sushi, Sushi Hachi, Kimura

Chinese Diner: Deer Lake Signatures, No. 9, Gloucester Cafe

Chains: Earls, Cactus

Teriyaki Bowl: Teriyaki Bowl (shout out to my homie G, Toby, RMD, diiig)

Fancy: Hawksworth, Il Giardino, West, Bobby Digitalee's Supper and Mafia Club

Thai: Maenam, Urban Thai or Simply Thai, that place on Broadway far west

Indian: Maurya, Vijs/that place next door, Chutney Villa, Akbar's Own

Continental: La Quercia

Please add or correct my list please its important cuz i got a glass of makers mark in my left and a bullet in my right.

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    1. For Chinese I'd go to Peaceful on Broadway. As for your fancy - I haven't even heard ot the last two - how about Cioppino's or Yew at the Four Seasons? You should definitely try to get to La Quercia - but make reservations soon.

      1. The pho scene changes constantly (we need an update of knightafter's pho scoresheet sorely) though I have heard continued good reports for Song Huong (I go for the beef seven ways). If you haven't tried it, you might want to sample the pho ga at My Chau on Kingsway. Pretty transcendent broth of the chicken persuasion and exemplary fried chicken leg on the side.

        Yuji's is indeed gone. I had two excellent meals at Miko in the summer, one lunch and one dinner, but bring money. I have had downhill reports from trusted sources re Sushi Hachi. Kimura is once a month for me for the omakase, but I had an outstanding weekend lunch there last month as well and really need to make it back out for more okonomiyaki.

        I don't love any of the Thai you mentioned and I think the far west one you are remembering might be Montri's in which case it too is closed.

        Indian is a bit of a bust in this town for me. Maurya is overpriced and fussy, Vij's is too hard to get into and the quality at Rangoli has been going down for me last couple of visits. Chutney Villa was just okay when I went, albeit a while back, and Akbar's Own hasn't been the same since the change of ownership.

        I am a La Buca stalwart, but I haven't tried La Quercia's dinner alla famiglia yet which has been getting many plaudits. Not super impressed with the regular dinners there, and I find the space rather stifling but still a good choice, especially since you liked it before.

        A place I'm really keen to try is L'Abbatoir which could be a good fit for you from what I've read. Enjoy your return visit home.

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        1. re: grayelf

          Thanks for that grayelf.....I'll def try the My Chau.

          Indian ALWAYS sucked in Vancouver, and even more so now that I've been living in the UK for 6 years and have amazing curry places all over. I just discovered a place which only does delivery and is easily far better than Vijs. I remember some NYC critic said Vij's was one of the best indian restaurants in the world (or NA). What a joke! The michellin starred and regional dumps we find in London are on a completely different plain.

        2. Not sure that Miko and Kimura were around 6 years ago, unless you've been back in town recently.

          From your post, I'm also not sure why you'd want to bother with Cactus Club and Earl's. Pretty much the same scene & expectations, except prices might have crept up a bit, somewhat proportional to their increased sophistication for what it's worth. And I'm sure many of their svelte and tight-clad female servers have since moved on to other things in life [wink]

          In the past 6 years Vancouver has gained some headway in Latin cuisine, although the most momentum seemed to have been gained in the taco (taqueria) scene.

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          1. re: LotusRapper

            Miko has been around for at least 12 years....

            I've come back loads over the past few years, just never long enough to try more than a few places.

            CC and Earls serve a purpose -- the food may not be the best ever but the atmospheres are good and the food reliable. Plus, I love those svelte tightly-clad servers...

            1. re: brokentelephone

              Miko has been around forever it seems. It used to be a regular spot for me maybe 15 yrs ago or more. I used to work just down the block from there. Solid and uncompromising.

              I can see why you would go to CC and Earls. It is a uniquely Vancouver experience.

              1. re: fmed

                I know you're probably being facetious, but CC and Earls are sort of unique. They aren't as shitty as American chains, and there is nothing which compares in London (where I've been living for 6+ years).

                I love the fact that I can go to a chain restaurant and know the owners spent a few million dollars kitting it out -- Vancouverites are sooooo fancy.

                1. re: brokentelephone

                  AND ...... anyone could walk in to *almost* any resto, even higher-end ones, in Vancouver dressed in a flannel shirt, old jeans and sandals (with the requisite [cult brand-of-your-choice] Gore-Tex outerwear) and get a table with service ;-)

                  1. re: brokentelephone

                    I'm not being facetious at all. A number of us went to CC last week. There aren't many restaurants that can accommodate a table of 14 at the last minute. Service is usually good and the food can be pretty decent.

                    These Vancouver based chains do serve a purpose. I just don't like the homogeneity they impose on the dining landscape.

            2. qu'est-ce que fuckin c'est "Bobby Digitalee's Supper and Mafia Club" ???

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              1. re: Gaseous Clay

                You've asked the question we've all wanted to know the answer to. Post of the year!

                1. re: brokentelephone

                  Federico's ?

                  Or are you referring to the wu tang leaders pseudonym new offshoot project. An Eastside fine dinning joint, that unluckily for us, is only just a concept in the realms of your imagination ?

                  Shame, if i had a reservation, i would certainly bring the MF ruckus