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Dec 6, 2011 11:02 AM

Brazilian grocery store?

I already posted this same query on the Outer Boroughs and haven't gotten a response, so I figured some of the readers on the Manhattan board might have some suggestions or know of a place. I'm hoping to make feijoada at some point soon and I wanted to find a grocery store that carried Brazilian goods, staples or provisions. Do you know of any in Manhattan or one of the boroughs? Preferably it'll be a place near a subway stop. I'm willing to trek out to NJ as long as it's within walking distance of the Path line. Thanks.

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  1. You can find Brazilian products at Buzios in 46th Street between 5-6 Aves. Astoria used to have a pretty good Brazilian market, Rio Bonito, but I am not sure if it is still opened. Another place that carries Brazilian products is Trade Fair on Ditmars (Astoria) but they won't have feijoada meat. Buzios carry some of the meat: calabreza, paio, carne seca e toucinho. In my opinion the feijoada meat that you find in the US is not great so I don't really make or eat feijoada in here. It is the kind of dish that I eat in Brazil or I don't eat... But I heard good things about the feijoada Emporium Brasil makes, it is a restaurant in 46th Street, right in front of Buzios. I have no idea where they get their meat but I suppose you can ask.

    Emporium Brasil
    15 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

    20 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

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      Thanks so much for the information. I will check them out, though depending on how comfortable I am I may or may not ask Emporium Brasil. Sorry, but I'm not Brazilian and I don't speak portuguese. I'm just a fan of feijoada who had the chance to have it in both Brazil and here in NY. Also, given your hesitation about making feijoada yourself, I'm now rethinking making it, especially since I'm still on the hunt for a good authentic recipe.