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Dec 6, 2011 10:44 AM

bulk chocolate around lansdale?

Where do you buy your bulk chocolate? I know Whole Foods carries some, and TJ's has the pound plus bars, but am wondering if I might have more options.

Don't know if the warehouse stores carry this stuff, but we do have a BJ's membership - anyone know if the Warrington or Conshohocken locations carry any (and if so, what brands)?

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  1. If headed for Conshy, I'd check with Edwards-Freeman. I recall a number of barrels full of chocolate chunks of various origins.

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      + 1, this is where my mom went for chocolate and she lives in Lansdale

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        Thanks for the suggestion! I looked at the website and they only had Merckens listed on the website, but if I do in fact find myself over that way I will check it out and see if they have anything else in-store.

        I've never used Merckens, because my understanding was that they make only compound chocolate, but even after emailing the store I'm not sure if a) all their products are compound and b) if they carry anything else. If I do make it over there, I'll report back on what I find.

    2. I buy bulk chocolate at Trader Joes

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        Yeah, i use the pound plus bars too, just curious if there were any other good sources around. I do use som white chocolate for Christmas candies too, which they don't have in the bars. Their white chips do actually have cocoa butter unlike most grocery store varieties, but I still prefer to buy blocks. Whole Foods is maybe the only place around here I've seen that. (I think I saw some Callebaut at Wegman's, too, but I don't do much shopping there.)

      2. Nuts to You carries bulk chocolate. Not sure if they are outside the city but they do ship.

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          You know, I didn't even think of them for some reason, but I'll be in the city on Friday anyway. Thanks, I'll definitely check them out.