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Dec 6, 2011 08:50 AM

Ratings of supermarket egg nogs

Most of these are unavailable in my area. I am disappointed that although it's Cinnamon sister made the list, Hood Pumpkin Egg Nog, my favorite, did not.

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  1. Love the Turkey Hill the best. Add some Mt. Gay rum, Extra Old, ooh, I love the holidays!

    1. Make your own or melt some haagen-dazs.

      1. Making eggnog from scratch was a tradition in my family. It's easy, and if you have access to pasteurized eggs, very safe.

        1. Hood Pumpkin may not have made the list, but Southern Comfort regular and Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice, in addition to Hood Cinnamon, are on the list.
          Hood and Southern Comfort are apparently the same, just packaged/marketed differently.

          1. Incidentally, did anyone else notice that they changed the design of the Southern Comfort Vanilla Spice carton? The old one had a red background; the new one, which I don't like, is brown.
            Why did they change it?

            I wonder if they changed anything in the recipe.