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Dec 6, 2011 07:30 AM

Napa Wineries Near Downtown?

I'm coming soon for my annual holiday trip to the Bay Area from Charlotte. I have a lunch planned for my parents' anniversary at Grace's Table. Being somewhat out of the loop, are there any wineries nearby that we could visit after lunch? My parents prefer reds and the location needs to be fairly accessible, both as relates to mobility issues and distance to the restaurant. Thanks for you advice.

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  1. If you are talking about driving from downtown Napa into Napa Valley, you will find plenty to choose from once you reach Yountville.

    The Domaine Chandon winery in Yountville is very pleasant if you are interested in sparkling wines.

    Here is a roster of 8 wineries located in Yountville:

    Drive 10 miles further north of Yountville and you will have dozens of wineries to choose from.

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      Grace's Table is in Napa. that is why the OP is looking for Napa wineries.

    2. The wineries are in Napa Valley. In the mostly charmless and industrial city of Napa, there are several tasting rooms in the tourist-oriented redevelopment district where Grace's Table is.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Here is a listing of winery tasting rooms and wine bars in the city of Napa:

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          From David's list, I would recommend the following:

          20 Rows/Vinoce (only fully-operating winery in downtown Napa)
          Backroom Wines
          Vintner's Collective
          Bounty Hunter (great BBQ as well)

          Not listed on that site is the newly-opened 1313 Main which is quite good as well. All of the previously-listed are within a 6-block walking distance from one another.

        2. re: Robert Lauriston

          Yeah I figured that but with wineries popping up all over Calfornia in some seemingly unlikely areas, I thought there might be something to try in Napa or American Canyon or who knows...

          I'll see how the 'rents are feeling after lunch and maybe we'll journey up valley a bit.

          Thanks anyway!

          (Thanks for the tasting room info, DavidT.)

          1. re: HungryDonkey

            There are several wineries in Napa. Probably the closest to downtown Napa with the most wineries would be the Carneros district. Look up Carneros Wineries, some just 10 minutes from downtown Napa.

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            Not familiar with the Coombsville area? Very close to downtown, still in the town of Napa and showing off some great terroir. Charmless? Maybe, but stellar wines.


          3. Try Elyse Winery...a nice selection of reasonably priced reds. Tasting fee refunded with purchase of bottle. Love their Howell Mtn Zin and also enjoy the Le Corbeau & C'est Si Bon. Call before you go.


            1. Just had a solo dinner at Grace's table again recently and the food was great. I've eaten there about a half dozen times in the last year and have been very happy. Enjoy your celebration!
              For a winery, consider checking out Domaine Carneros - a nice place for older folks to visit. Pretty (especially at Christmas) and easy access. About a 5-10 minute drive from the restaurant. Or you could drive up Redwood Road to Hess Collection for wine and the art gallery . . . (10+ minutes drive time)

              1. They would like the Caldwell Vineyards tour in nearby Coombsville, about 15 minutes from Grace's table. Much closer than Yountville, and better than the wineries in Yountville, including Domaine Chandon.Call ahead for reservations.