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Dec 6, 2011 07:15 AM

Private party space in/near Portland?

Need to plan 60th birthday party for my SO, February 5. Any suggestions for good venues for about 30 people, with or without food? Have Mariners Church, Camp Hammond in Yarmouth, and possibly Saltwater Grill in SoPo on my list. Know that Fore St has a private room, but that's probably over the budget limit. Suggestions welcome! It's a Saturday night, so probably can't look to take over a restaurant.

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  1. The back room at Pepperclub is a possibility, but 30 is probably their limit. I have also been to a private party in the upstairs at RiRa with a good buffet and full bar. Nice view, too.

    1. Bull Feeney has a perfect size room upstairs. It's got the curved Windows looking over the intersection of Fore and Exchange. A few years back we had a dinner/meeting there for about 30 and it worked out great. You can even have your own private bar as well. Food is classic pub and can be hit or miss although for our event it was really tasty.

      1. By the way, especially in February, very few restaurants would have a problem being taken over by 30 paying customers and might work with you on a menu/budget.

        1. Although I have never been to the upstairs at East Ender, I am attending a private event there in just a few days. I'm sure others on this board can comment on what type of space it is, and I'll let you know soon how it works out.

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            Just got back from event at East Ender. We had the entire upstairs room, which is plenty big for 30 people. There are about 11 or so 4-tops up there, plus some bar seating. Not the best space for one huge table, but a few medium-sized tables might be possible. They had appetizers for us which were good, but not amazing. I think their dinner fare (which I have not had yet) is considered decent enough. The private party was associated with a local university, so though I'm not sure on the price range, I doubt it is too high. This was all on a Friday night so I don't think booking a weekend evening is an issue for them.