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Dec 6, 2011 07:05 AM

Restaurant Within Walking Distance of Bloomingdales/Dylans Candy Bar?

I'm looking for a good restaurant within walking distance (generous walking ok!) of Dylan's Candy Bar/Bloomingdales. Price up to $50 ok. We'll be two couples. Also, it's tomorrow (Opps!). Thanks for any ideas you may have. Any type of food ok.

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  1. Is this lunch or dinner? Is that $50pp for food only? It's always best to give budgets per person and *without* drinks, tax (nearly 9%), and tip (20%).

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      It's dinner. $60 including drinks & tip. Any help would be appreciated! I need to go to Dylans to pick up supplies for gingerbread-housing with neices so anything around there would be great.

    2. Cabana is a good nuevo Latino, just up from Bloomie's and across Third Ave. from Dylan's: