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Dec 6, 2011 04:48 AM

Looking for quality, inexpensive cutlery in San Diego?

Looking for quality, inexpensive cutlery in San Diego?

Business CostCo seems to have something but I'd like some other ideas...d;^)

Thanks guys, pRon

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  1. There is an internet dealer based in SD in the Miramar area. He is in an industrial park and really doesn't have a storefront but you can walk in and buy. Chef Dave is a wealth of knowledge to help you decide. The only place in SD for some makes such as F Dick, LamsonSharp and other less prestigious brands but he has the high end Japanese makes also. He supplies culinary school students.

    Check out

    Another place is Chef City in Kearny Mesa and San Diego Restaurant supply downtown.

    The Montana lines Costco B/C carries aren't bad but depends your taste when it comes to the Elite chef or paring knives. I don't like the Chef profile but love the meatier than normal on the paring.


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      Big 2nd to Knife Merchant. That guy's great.

      1. re: knifesavers

        Hey Jim,

        Thanks VERY much for quick reply...d;^)

        I have the CostCo SABER knive set...

        You sound like the perfect person to ask this, what do you think of them?

        I've had them for about a year and really like them!

        Also do you like a diamond, ceramic, or steel sharpening rod for normal maintance?

        Thanks again for your reply...d;^)

        1. re: pRon

          If you have had them for about a year and they are holding up without a steel they are good. Have not seen them but lots of knives for the money so looks like a promising value if you have the space for them.

          "Normal maintenance" I would suggest a ceramic or fine cut steel. The typical "sharpening" steel has deeper grooves and is a bit heavy handed. Diamond is too aggressive IMHO for a steel. It becomes not a honing rod but a sharpening rod as the diamonds strip metal and too off on the angle you seriously jack your edge.

          I use a medium F Dick steel pre sharpening and an F Dick multi cut post sharpening.

          Dave has a 3 different grit diamond rod, the name escapes me, and likes what it does but I haven't tried it.


          1. re: knifesavers

            Hey Jim,

            Thanks VERY much for your knowledgable reply...d;^)

            I'll be sure to contact you if they need beyond normal maintenance,

            1. re: knifesavers

              Hey Jim,

              I had the smaller set for a year and used the included steel, the new set has longer blades and would seem to benefit from a longer 'steel'...

              You're right about the space, i'm giving them their own drawer. I have little counter space but a couple 'spare' drawers...d;^)

              Thanks again for your knowledgeable opinion, I'll be sure to look you up if they need beyond normal maintenance!

          2. re: knifesavers

            I bought from years ago when I lived in Florida. I had no idea they were this close! Knifesavers, you have made my day!

          3. Costco Bus Ctr, just had some knives on sale. You can get a modest 7" Montana Santoku for $7. and a forged 8" chef's, that has pretty good balance, for $20. I consider both good every day low cost knives.

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            1. re: cstr

              Thanks for that cstr,

              I'm OK on knives looking for poultry shears, carving fork, and sharpening steel...

              See above...

              1. re: pRon

                Costco BC also carries sharpening steels and poultry shears.

                1. re: cstr

                  Thanks cstr,

                  I was keeping those in mind...d;^)

            2. Bed Bath and Beyond actually carries some higher end brands like Global and Wustof. With a 20% off coupon the price is better than anything you'll find online.

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              1. re: mliew

                Thanks mliew,

                I've been looking into that also...d;^)