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Dec 5, 2011 11:15 PM

looking for ideas for small kitchen appliances


I am open to ideas for appliances for kitchen which type of appliance is a must on a budget and love to bake , make smothies, grind my own spice and puree as well..... I am a newbie so am open to suggestions in that regard


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  1. I took appliances to mean electrical appliances.

    A stand mixer or hand mixer for speeding up some baking chores.

    Blender for smoothies and pureeing.

    A coffee/spice grinder for the spices.

    1. If you have a small kitchen, maybe start with an immersion blender. Does smoothies and purees and fits in the drawer.

      1. You're looking at a minimum of two.

        Depending on what you like to bake, stand mixer will eventually allow you to branch into other things (e.g. grinding meat, pasta).

        Immersion blender would be more practical as an initial investment (smaller, does most of what a blender would); you can crush ice with a towel and a pan.

        The same towel/pan could be used to bash spices, but you'd be better off with a mortar or pestle (manual) or a coffee grinder, which will produce fine-ground.

        1. I would lean toward a heavy duty food processor, a vitamix, and a good mixer. I don't know what you have now or what your budget is, but these are what I would start with. I would also figure out which would would receive the heaviest use and get the best the budget allows, and settle for second/third best on the others.

          1. To get the most bang for your buck, an immersion blender with a removal stick bottom that comes with a mini food processor and whisk attachment is a good bet. You can blend smoothies, puree and grind spices in the processor bowl, use the whisk for beating batter and whipping eggs, and the immersion stick in soups and veggies.

            I have a Braun version of this tool and it's very handy without taking up a lot of space. That said, it does not blend as well as a full size blender, nor does it process as well as a full size processor. Moreover, it doesn't perform the functions of a stand mixer. However, if you're on a budget, this would be a good start. You can always upgrade down the road.

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              I agree. This is a great combination small appliance for a small kitchen. I have a Cuisinart model and use it a lot, especially the mini food processor for blending, chopping, pureeing, and mixing small batches of about everything. And whisk and immersion attachments come in handy, too.