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Dec 5, 2011 09:03 PM

Piola Toronto - Queen W. - Now Open

Great service and a funky cool place. Very comfortable.

Very interesting salads, antipasti and many pizzas and pasta to choose from.

They serve an extremely thin crust pizza with the minimum of sauce and a full but thin covering of cheese. On it I had mushrooms and sausage - the mushrooms were fresh and very tasty as were the sausage chunks. The cheese and sauce were void of much flavour so I turned to the chili oil which was quite typical in taste and heat.

The great toppings and above average crust just didn't save the pizza for me. Alimento is popping with flavour bite after bite for the same price. And Terroni has it licked altogether.

Yes they just opened today so its early, but I don't see them changing their sauce and cheese anytime soon so I believe it is worth mentioning, even first day.

I look forward to hearing about their antipasti, salads and what other Chers have to say about the zah!

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  1. Went to the opening last night as well.

    I'm not a pizza nerd, but I had a great margherita there last night. Fresh, bright tomato sauce, great chew to the crust with a nicely distributed char on the bottom. They use a hot stone rather than a wood oven to encourage even cooking.

    Only Organic and Tankhouse on tap and about 6 other bottles to choose from. Euro-beat friendly music, somewhat flashy decor, and service was eager and friendly. Everyone seemed very happy to be there on their first night!

    To me it's better than Terroni, and close to Libretto.

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      Does anyone know where they source their ingredients (e.g. the sauces, pastas, flour, meats, etc. from italy)?

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        Thanks for your inquiry. We get the majority of our Italian products from an importer called Sabrina foods.

        Hope this answers your question!

      1. re: justsayn

        I went. I think it is nice to have in the neighbourhood but I also prefer both Libretto and Terroni. I had a margherita pizza and a couple of bites of my companion's carbonara pizza. The crust is well-cooked but just a sliver too thin for me (cracker on the outside, soggy in the middle), and there is not quite enough sauce. The carbonara had good enough flavour, though I'm not a great judge as I'm not such a fan of pancetta. Very friendly (eager) service and it is a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a pizza. For the money, at this point, I think I would rather go to Libretto, but if I am not feeling up for the walk or the wait I'd go back here. I will certainly give them another shot when they're more than just three days old.

      2. Finally got a chance to stop by tonight for take out pizza.

        My first experience was not that great service wise. The place was pretty empty (it was around 9pm). I imagine a total of less than 12 people in the restaurant. The waitress/bartender seemed overwhelmed by the drinks (She said she was "in the weeds") and looked totally stressed out. When the chef called another waiter over to pick up the food he was busy filling water carafes and said "I only have two hands" even though he could have left the water carafes till later and brought out the hot pizza to the table. There seemed to be mix ups too, which was weird considering there were so few people. There was an order that was brought out to a table and then back to the kitchen because it was the "Wrong" order but one of the items was the margherita that I ordered. I don't know if I ended up getting served that one or if they made me a new one but considering how dead the place was I was surprised how long it took to make my very basic pizza. Another service issue, I asked to "pay" and the server seemed very confused. I had to clarify that I wanted to pay for the pizza I ordered and confirmed that she entered it into the system. After, I heard her say something about "ordering a pizza on the fly" or something so I am thinking she maybe hadn't entered it and that is why it took longer to receive or something.

        I recently went to Famoso (sp?) the new chain from BC that has opened up at Yorkdale and in the Annex. Much preferred the pizza there and the service.

        Having said all of that, if I was in the area again looking for a place to eat, I would try it again and eat in. I did enjoy the pizza but not as much as libretto, Famoso, QMP, etc.