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Dec 5, 2011 07:25 PM

Artisan House (downtown)

Went to the new Artisan House for lunch last week and, although the menu was limited and it's still not considered open, had an amazing meal. We shared the Grilled Romaine (grilled Caesar, basically) and a flatbread (with truffles and various white cheeses) and both were incredible. I'm so happy to have a Gjelina-type restaurant near work (presentation and menu reminds me of Gjelina), can't wait to try the steak frites on the dinner menu and all the different flat breads on the lunch menu. There's a fried chicken sandwich I'm looking forward to trying, tomorrow.

Anyone else who goes, please report back - everything on the menu (there are several menus throughout the day) looks great. The market, also, is a great addition to the neighborhood (6th and Main).

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  1. Had lunch there today with a group of Downtown co-workers. The industrial-chic space is beautiful--spacious with large windows and natural light. The menu is limited, and I found it a little fussy and twee. My only serious complaint is the paucity of vegetarian options. There were none today in the entrees section. I had a delicious, but very small roasted beet salad for $9. The reuben sandwich was good, as were the flatbread sandwiches ($10 to $13) and soup ($9). The fish in the fish and chips ($17) was deemed "soggy" and not finished. A small side of limp fries with "artisanal" ketchup was $7. The service was friendly, informative and efficient. I'd go back for drinks after work, but didn't think the food was worth the prices.