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Best fried chicken in Durham and Chapel Hill NC

We were discussing various Durham and Chapel Hill restaurants at dinner tonight. Someone asked about where to get the best fried chicken. I recall having some really good fried chicken at Bullock's.

Who do you think has the best fried chicken in Durham and Chapel Hill?

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  1. Bullock's does have good fried chicken. It's been awhile but I remember enjoying the fried chicken at Hog Heaven. In fact, I'd skip the barbeque at both of these places and get the fried chicken instead. The Shrimp Boat also goes good fried chicken.

    1. I've been craving good fried chicken and look forward to hearing more responses. I'm not familiar with Bullock's at all, maybe need to change that.

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          The chain? Which Durham location? (there are 3) Is one better than others?

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            Yes - the chain! The one on Miami is the one I've eaten at (well, gotten take-out from), can't speak for the other one.

        2. I really like Mama Dip's chicken. It's great if you prefer a lighter batter.

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            I'm a fan of the Korean Fried Chicken that's an occasional special at Lantern. What about Allen & Son? I'd expect good bird from them.

            1. re: Tom from Raleigh

              A&S doesn't do fried chicken. They've got barbecue chicken and chicken fingers for kids.

          2. Dame's Chicken and Waffles in Durham. So good my non-foodie friend STILL raves about it.

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              I like Dames alot too. After that in order for me is Shrimp Boats, Hog Heaven, then Bullock's. As for corporate bird I do like Bo's.

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                Agree with all of those. You know your fried bird!

            2. Shrimp Boats and Mama Dips are both excellent. I also really like the fried chicken at Geer Street Garden. You can get it as a plate, or in their arugula fried chicken salad (awesome), or in The Pile (basically every delicious fried thing).

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                Back in 2007-2008 I tried Shrimp Boats about four times, and each time the batter was hard as a rock, the inside meat was dried out, and the batter tasted like old seafood (presumably because they also fry their seafood in the same batter). Also, the side dishes all seemed to be straight out of the can.

              2. Many may laugh but Time Out has great fried chicken (and yes I've had it sober.) The other that I'd reccommend would be Acme, much more so than Dip's.

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                  I've liked Acme's fried chicken the times I've had it too.

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                    I don't drink much, so have only been to TimeOut while sober. Yes, their fried chicken is pretty good. I'd rather get TimeOut to go than have dinner at Mama Dip's.

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                      I just can't take the smell of Time Out. It had been recommended to me by someone, and I walked to the front door and had to turn right around. I don't get the impression they change their frying oil very often.

                  2. Plus 1 for Dames as I don't usually order Fried Chicken in most places (or it isn't even on the menu).

                    1. Jay's Fried Chicken Shack in Hillsborough. The Colonel ain't got nuthin' on Jay's secret blend of herbs and spices. No, in all seriousness, the chicken was amazing. The light-to-medium batter and crispy-crunchy frying technique showed real skill. But, what the seasoning was in the batter may be a CIA secret. Very unusual for eastern NC, but definitely a stand-alone in a fabulous way. It is probably a good thing I'm in Raleigh and not Hillsborough because I would be there way too often.

                      The slaw was great, as were the fried squash. The biscuit could have been better, but it certainly was not bad.

                      Here's some more info I just googled: http://www.heraldsun.com/chherald/x14...