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Dec 5, 2011 07:11 PM

Michy's - Chef's Tasting or A la carte

Can anyone comment on the chef's tasting menu at Michy's and whether its the way to go over ordering a la carte off the menu at Michy's?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Oddly I've never done the tasting menu at Michy's, as usually between two of us we just order several half-orders of things and usually end up with a pretty good variety. It probably depends much on how much of a control freak you are. If you see stuff on the menu that you really want, then just order what you like - the 1/2 order option lets you try several things anyway.

    I don't believe - but could be wrong - that the tasting menu is an entirely different set of dishes, rather it's mostly a selection of items from the regular menu.

    1. Very late in closing the loop...but Frodnesor is right. Its just a selection from the menu. But a very good deal.

      1. Last time I was contemplating getting the tasting menu, the waiter told me that if you had your sights set on a dish (or two), that they'll incorporate that into the tasting. You can ask when you get there if that makes a difference in your decision.

        1. The menu is conducive to making your own tasting menu. That said, I have no hesitation recommending their tasting, First class operation. Go for it. Enjoy

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            The menu is not really as conducive to making your own tasting menu as it used to be. Where it used to be that pretty much anything on the menu was available as a 1/2 portion or full, it mostly follows a more standard appetizer / entree format these days. Several of the appetizers are still done as 1/2 or full size, but this basically makes them either solo apps or shareable.

            I'll still typically order 3 of the smaller plates just for the sake of variety, but I miss the 1/2 order option across the board because - unlike many places - several of the best dishes are in the entrees. The short ribs are classic, the fettuccine carbonara is excellent (but incredibly rich), the salmon w caviar butter and the yellowtail with curry are great too, but all require a commitment to an entree now.

            I still have never done the tasting menu there and really probably ought to remedy that oversight.