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Dec 5, 2011 06:45 PM

Looking for Vegetable Recommendations (dishes and places) in Vienna, Prague, and Salzburg

I generally eat like a vegetarian, although I do occasionally eat meat - particularly on trips to try the local specialties. (And I will also be traveling with someone who is more carnivorous.) Perusing the board, there is a ton of excellent advice in the latter area. However I'm hoping to get pointed in the direction of dishes and places to try when I need a lighter meal. I've come across Formosa in Vienna, and Country Life in Prague, along with Thai and Chinese recs in Vienna and Vietnamese in Prague (how do I get to Sapa?)

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I'd also be grateful for recommendations of local dishes that predominately feature vegetables.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. We just returned from a weekend in Vienna.

    The white asparagus season is long over for Mittel Europa and spring ended ages ago, otherwise you may be out of luck in your quest for fabulous vegetable oriented dishes. But while I'm sure you consider potato more a starch than a vegetable, almost all our dishes came with excellent potato side dishes, either as potato salad or crispy fried potatoes.

    Otherwise vegetables was not something that weighed prominently on the menus of the restaurants we went to. One place we went to in Vienna was Cafe Phoenixhof, and they served an excellent side dish of spinach dumplings with a gorgonzola sauce. Rich and very good.

    Altogether, you'll be better rewarded focusing good coffee and pastries, which Vienna does extremely well.

    1. I think you're going to search for a long time to find vegetable-based dishes -- the majority of dishes are meat-based (wonderfully so) -- specifically pork.

      The side dishes are nice, but winter is going to pretty severely limit your choice of traditional vegetable dishes -- you'll see a lot of cabbage, potatoes, and carrots, as those are the vegetables that are traditionally stored through the long winters.

      Try the various sauerkrauts - there's one with beer, and one with wine (I prefer the wine krauts) -- these are not the bitter, acrid sauerkrauts of the ballfield, but made fresh -- and delicious. Rotkohl (red cabbage) is braised with apples and wine - a real treat.

      If anyone has Brussels sprouts, make sure you try them.

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      1. Welcome to this meat obsessed region of Europe... I don't eat meat myself but work and live in this area most of the year.

        In Prague there is very good news. A truly authentic North-Indian restaurant opened about a year ago - The Pind, in the area of Vinohradsky - They have a wide selection of vegetables, lentils, chickpeas, curd cheeses with spinach, breads, etc. Stay away from the lunch buffet. Go in the evening with a group and book well in advance.

        In Vienna the two best solutions so far are:

        ON, a very good chinese where avoiding meat dishes is easy and very rewarding. (


        Kuishimbo, a japanese family place with just two stand up-bar-counters for very few people. Lots of tofu, seaweed, roots, rice and the regular japanese items. My next comment got me in trouble before and I will probably be flamed again for it, but here it goes: Kuishimbo is located at the outer north rim of Naschmarkt, a place that in my opinion offers very dubious quality and which I avoid with passion.

        I would be most happy to read what else you discovered.