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Dec 5, 2011 06:42 PM

Fleshigs in Philly

Looking for recommendations for flieshigs restaurants in Center City Philly with Orthodox hashgacha. Thank you!

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  1. is only fleishig restaurant in Center City with Orthodox Hashgacha.

    Burger.Org (meat)
    326 South Street
    Phone 267- 639-3425

    Other fleishig places in Philadelphia near Center City are Temple University Hillel dining room or University of Pennsylvania dining room.
    Web site for Keystone K hashgacha info is:

    In Cherry Hill NJ there is Cherry Grill, but it is a good 15 minutes into NJ once you cross the Ben Franklin Bridge under OK and local Vaad. Web site is:

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    1. re: naviw

      You must be a Philadelphian propogating the myth that Cherry Hill is on a distant planet and totally not convenient nor accessible from Philadelphia. Cherry Grill is a straight shot over the Ben Franklin Bridge to Rte 70 with traffic conditions that will not in the least resemble the horror of accessing the Kosher food/restaurant zones in Northeast Philadelphia and Bala Cynwyd/Lower Merion

      1. re: Arinoam

        I disagree, he mentioned Cherry Grill but not any of the Main Line or Northeast Kosher restaurants. The 15 minute estimate is pretty accurate and there is a bridge toll involved.

        1. re: barryg

          It will take you 15 minutes just to park anywhere in Philadelphia. Cherry Grill is in a shopping center with a huge and rarely more than half full parking lot and if you commute into NYC daily from Cherry Hill (as I do) you can appreciate that the tolls on the Ben Franklin Bridge are chump change.

          1. re: Arinoam

            The OP specifically stated Center City. Not - Center City and the surrounding area. Cherry Hill is definitely not Center CIty.

            1. re: Arinoam

              Not everyone who is in Center City is using a car. I come to Center City several times a year and arrivbe and leave via Amtrak. I have no intrerest in dining in Cherry Hill, but opened and read this thread because I am interested in fleishige restaurants in Center City that I may walk to.
              I have a pet peeve in that I resent CHers going off on a tangent or hijacking a thread. The OP was very specific about Center City. If the title of the thread said Cherry Hill, I wouldn't even bother opeining the thread.

              BTW>>>I remember when they advertised the Tac-Palmayra bridge as costing only a nickel, a great alternative to the quarter on the Ben Franklin or Walt Whitman. I started college at UP 40 years ago.

        2. re: naviw

          I am a former Philadelphian, who still frequents Phila & restaurants.
          I have eaten at & taken out from Cherry Grill on my way back up the turnpike and found it very good. But it definitely is not in Center City.

          Keystone K website has all the restaurants under their supervision in the Phila area. I would highly recommend Mama's vegetarian, but it is not fleishig.

          There are several restaurants under other supervisions, but I do not subscribe to them so did not recommend.

          1. re: naviw

            The point here is: This is not New York City or Teaneck. There is a paucity of kosher restaurants in the greater Philadelphia area - there always has been. If someone asked for a great restaurant in midtown Manhattan on the west side - you wouldn't even consider referring him to the great restaurants less than a half a mile away on the East Side. But here it is different in that with the exception of the tolls, a place like Cherry Hill is at least as accessible time and distance-wise from Centre City as any other kosher restaurant area on the west side of the Delaware - AND (at least so far) they aren't posting "New York" prices on the menu. Mama's is great and we go there all the time, but parking is a hassle and the menu is limited. is also great but parking is more than a hassle on or near South Street. Hamifgash is not Community Kashrus and parking is a hassle.

        3. I would definitely recommend They recently expanded their menu and the food is awesome, prices cheap. They deliver. Naviw already posted the details.

          If you go, you MUST try their steak sandwhich. Awesome.

          If you are open to vegetarian options, then there are many more choices.

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          1. re: Hirscheys

            Would have loved to have tried when I was in Philly a few weeks ago, but they were closed on Saturday night (not sure if that's the case every Saturday night or because it was Thanksgiving weekend). What about Hamifgash (recommended on this board)?

            1. re: EmpireState

     is usually open Saturday nights in the winter, so it must have been because of Thanksgiving. I forgot about Hamifgash; food is fine but I prefer Also, it is a different certification. I personally and comfortable and eat at Hamifgash; you just may want to check with your LOR.