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Old Style Beer

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Got some Bleacher Bums coming next weekend and they love their Old Style Beer. Where do they sell Old Style Beer, cans or on tap.

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  1. Their website indicates that it is NOT distributed in California. Better find out what they like second best.

    Link: http://www.oldstylebeer.com/ProductLo...

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      Check with Galco's. If they ain't got it, ain't nobody got it.

      1. re: Will Owen
        Reality Check

        Galco's the place for all kinds of soda? I've never been there but I didn't think they sold beer.

        1. re: Reality Check

          Of course they're great for soda, but they have a huge beer selection as well. Probably even bigger than their soda selection.

    2. There's a place on Lincoln Ave in Santa Monica (south of Pico by a few blocks, on the east side of the street) that used to have Old Style. I think it used to be called The Bitter Redhead, but now it's got some new, temporary sign out front. If I remember correctly, it's now called "The Loop." I have gone there to see Bears games and they had Old Style, but that was a year or so ago, so I don't know if things have changed. It's a real dive. Which is a good thing.

      1. This thread has made me really thirsty for some ice cold "Old Style"!

        1. The original comment has been removed