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Dec 5, 2011 05:42 PM

Chinese restaurants Christmas day

Any suggestions for chinese restaurants ( or other good Asian inspired) restaurants open 12/25 in San Fran?

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  1. Almost all of the Chinese restaurants would be open and packed -- it's a big night out for Chinese (and Jewish) families. "Asian inspired" restaurants that cater to a non-Asian clientele are less likely to be open.

    Given that, do you have a more specific idea of what kind of food you're looking for, what neighborhood, etc.?

    1. Here's a sample of what's on the bottom of this page.
      Go Blue class of 61.

      1. chinese restaurants in the big city will most likely be open, especially in chinatown. in the subuurbs, maybe 50-50% of being open. thai and japanese (outside japantown) restaurants will be closed. not sure about korean, probably closed. would think most asian fusion restaurants would be closed also.