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Dec 5, 2011 05:30 PM

any BYOB restaurants South PBC or N Broward?

any suggestions from anybody, a google search has not come up with anything other than Anatolia in Boca which we have had enough of.

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  1. It's not S PBC... but last time I was up on at Taste of India on Okeechobee Blvd... it was a Saturday night.

    And next door sits the Grand Lake Chinese Resto - which I believe gets high marks here from FD and others.

    Anyway, I peeked in. At one table sat a party of 8 or 10 adults, clearly just getting ready for a nice long meal. They had bags with them which they were opening to reveal wine bottles.

    So... I know this is up north... and chinese + wine is not what comes to mind first... but might be something different. I would double check to make sure I have the details right though.

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      thx C but it's too far north, some of my friends drive up from Ft Laud so it's got to be between Delray and FLL.

      1. re: smartie

        Cafe La Buca in Pompano Beach. Great family style italian. No menus. Small restaurant. Reservations needed.