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Dec 5, 2011 04:28 PM

California Pizza Kitchen got rid of my favorites

Ok, CPK is not some place I got to often. In fact, when I stepped in the door for a family get together recently, I realized it had been five years. But I was looking forward to having at least one of my favorite pizzas, either Duck with Hoisin or Potato/Chicken/Rosemary. Neither one was on the menu! We ordered a thin crust Margherita and Thai chicken on honey wheat as appetizers--the thin crust would have been god if it hadn't been cold. Decided to avoid more disappointment and ordered the Cobb Salad for the main--it was good. What's been your experience at CPK when it comes to pizza?

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  1. I don't order pizza at CPK - they put all kinds of good stuff on the 'za but they just don't come together. I also like the Cobb salad or I'll get the Waldorf salad with bacon.

    Not the pizza :-)

    1. My complaint with CPK is the same as yours ...the pizza is usually served cold. The one here is right across from the movie theater, so we only eat there after seeing a movie, not too often lately.

      1. the last few times ive been there ive gotten their salads. the BBQ chicken salad is always good.

        i also really like their whole wheat dough though. the chicken and mushroom pizza is very good on it

        1. They change their menu a couple times a year. I haven't seen the Hoisin Duck pizza on the menu in ages. I like their honey wheat crust better than the regular crust, and even better done thin style. I really enjoy the Pear and Gorgonzola pizza, and the Habanero Chicken one is also great if you like spice. Salads are all good though, at least at our 2 locations. I like their BBQ Chicken, Cobb and Caesar.

          1. I like the Thai pizza a lot. I used to see it in the grocery store, but it appears they don't have it there anymore.