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Dec 5, 2011 04:20 PM

Cardamom Pods

I am trying my hand at mulling sachets and need cardamom pods. I am out in the GTA-Ajax. Cant find them in any of our grocery stores. Any ideas?

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  1. Any grocery store should have it. It's not an unusual spice. Bulk barn is always a good choice.

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      Bulk barn and some of the grocery stores have ground or powdered cardamom. Unfortunately no pods. Thanx though

    2. Not a local help, but I get mine at Bruno's on Avenue road. So if you're driving down the 401, you can just hop off at Avenue, drive 2 blocks south to Bruno's and get back on the road.

      1. Maybe you are aware that there are both white and green cardamom pods. The green ones will be better for your application.

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          1. re: wickedwanda588

            And black and brown I think. Again, green is the one you want.

            Not all Bulk Barns carry the same stock. I've noticed that some will carry whole pods and others may only have ground or seeded. You could try another BB location and may have better luck. Other bulk stores in your area should carry these spices too.

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              And you can find green cardamom at any Indian grocery store. The green one is much more fragrant than the white one, which is usually used in cooking.

              This place should have it:

              Delhi Food & Variety 905-686-9634

              38 Old Kingston Rd

              Ajax, Ontario



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                Wow. That is perfect. I can head there tomorrow.

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                  Thanx to all for your help. I picked some "green" cardamom pods up this afternoon.

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                    Did you go to Delhi Food and Variety? It was probably easier than cruising across the 401 and down Avenue Rd to drop in at Brunos.

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                      Hey, I did say my suggestion was non local! And if the OP happens to commute across the city, it was an option.

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                        I actually have an Indian grocery store on my way home from work, that I went to and wow is he ever reasonable in his prices for all herbs and spices. And TORONTOJO, I thank you . This is for an auction to raise money for the less fortunate in my neighbourhood. So I would have driven all the way to Avenue Road if needed. Thank you all again.

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                          I wasn't trying to criticise that sugestion, but I think Bruno's charges a premium for certain items which you can easily get elsewhere.

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                            Ah also very good to know. Chowhound is great! Cheers!