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Dec 5, 2011 04:19 PM


Before our last visit to NO, I read a lot about Gautreau's and it appeared on at least one top 10 list, but I find nary a mention of it here--Why? Am going again this weekend and looking around for new experiences.

Also, Among the one-word French named restaurants: Coquette, Patois, Lilette, Boucherie (and I think I'm forgetting one!)--favorites?

THanks all.

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  1. Don't let any lack of buzz on here fool you. Gautreau's is a top-notch New Orleans dining experience: nice atmosphere, friendly but not overly familiar service, varied wine list, and best of all, Sue's understated yet imaginative cooking. Particularly good fish dishes. Any of the one-worders you cite would be excellent, of those I'd vote for Lilette. Maybe take a look at Martinique as well, another Magazine Street gem.

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      "Understated"...hahaha, I like that. I would have used "bland". Probably one of the most disappointing fine dining meals I've had. BTW, wasn't one of the reasons she was voted off Top Chef Masters b/c her dishes lacked flavor? I much prefer Lilette. Worth a visit just for the truffled parm toast.

      Moodoc, Be sure to try the gnocchi at Patois.

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        i must admit, while i hoped for her to do well on Top Chef, our last visit was underwhelming. the shrimp bisque was excellent, the rest didn't impress. dessert was pricey, even ice cream. we haven't been back since there are too many alternatives...

      2. Coquette is amazing and we never miss it. We always go for lunch; they have a great 3 course, $20 menu (with drink specials on Weds. and Thurs.) so we always make plans for one of those days. It's a beautiful place, great service and anything and everything I've had there is great!

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        1. re: piglet3000

          Thanks, both of you. I am surprised by the infrequent mentions here. That said, we will have to try next time--have rez for Patois

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            I have only been to Gautreau's once....that was enough. Incongruous plating and far too "understated" (bland). I generally give a restaurant several tries but honestly, there was nothing there that would bring me back. I am stymied by the accolades. FWIW, the chef was on "Top Chef Masters". While she was shown to be a genuinely nice person, one of the reasons she was voted off was lack of flavor in her dishes.

            Don't miss the gnocchi at Patois.

          2. re: piglet3000

            I concur re: Coquette. We dine there regularly. The daily menu changes keep it exciting and fresh. Wed.=wine special, Thur= $5 specialty cocktails (if it's not on the menu, it's not $5).

            1. re: JazzyB

              Go watch the rerun before you make claims that are false. She was voted off because she didn't finish her dish in time, and though the judges praised her food, they had to dismiss her because she didn't fundamentally follow the fules of plating. I doubt that will happen to Moodoc if he/she visits. Gautreau's beats Coquetee in my book.

              1. re: sanglier

                In addition to not finishing her dishes, the judges' comments regarding the dishes she presented was less than favorable.

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                  To each his own. I eat at Gautreau's with a diverse group re their food likes and dislikes. Any time a discussion comes up about where to go and it involves Coquette and Gautreau's, the latter is chosen. I like the former, obviously just not as much as you do.

                2. re: sanglier

                  this is true. and what was heartbreaking about it was she spent much of her time helping other a master should. pity she had to go that way.

            2. Here's a very favorable rec for Gautreau's. As an out-of-towner, I find it refreshing not to be surrounded by tourists. The food (through the last three chefs) has been consistently good, if not great. Patrick IMHO remains one of the very best hosts in the city. I'm also a fan of their Sazerac.I highly recommend Gautreau's.