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Dec 5, 2011 03:53 PM

Matsu Japanese & Thai Cuisine (AYCE)

I know not everyone is a fan of sushi buffets, but we tried one today that is by far our favorite AYCE. It’s called Matsu Cuisine and is located on York Mills Road (major intersection of Don Mills/York Mills). It’s a combination of Japanese & Thai food.

We had the lunch buffet for $12.99 each. The food was very fresh. What we liked about Matsu is the hot food is hot and the cold food (sushi) is cold. The service is fast and efficient, and all the servers were friendly. They’ll even accommodate if you’re pressed for time (on your lunch hour). And, they didn’t forget or mix up any of our orders.

Everything we ordered was great!

Seaweed salad
Miso soup
Veg tempura
Chicken wings
Garlic beef
Thai Mango chicken
Pineapple fried rice with beef
Chicken pad thai
Sushi (eel, salmon, surf clam, snapper)
Green dragon roll
California roll
Deep fried bananas
Green tea/mango ice cream

See menu below in link ...

The Manager, May, was very friendly and helpful, even apologizing to us for being so busy.

The decor is very modern and elegant.

865 York Mills Rd
Toronto, ON M3B 1Y5
(647) 352-8833

They have a promo for 6 or more people (6th is free). We’ll definitely be back!

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    1. re: jennjen18

      Hi Jenn, yes, but I'm not sure how long they've been open. We were really impressed!

      It's in a plaza with some other new restaurants ("Wonderpho" and another pizza place), which we haven't tried.

    2. Any idea on AYCE dinner price? Also, how was the quality of the fish? I don't expect premium but so many AYCE sushi places are inedible when it comes to the sushi/sashimi.

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      1. re: LTL

        Hi LTL - strange, but their address and prices isn't on their website? I took the info from a handout they gave me (please don't quote me) as I'm not sure how long their prices will stay in place.

        Lunch Mon-Fri $12.99

        Lunch Sat/Sun/Holidays - $14.99

        Dinner Mon-Thur $20.99

        Dinner Fri/Sat/Sun/Holidays $25.99

        Half grilled lobster is included with dinner.

        I don't eat sushi (raw) or sashimi (but my husband does) and it was one of the first questions I asked him while we were eating. He said it was fresh and did not taste frozen at all. He was surprised as he expected subpar.

        Matsu in our opinion, is very good overall.

        (Sashimi on it's own is only available at dinner, the ones my husband had for lunch were sushi (eel, salmon, surf clam, etc).

        Hope this helps :)

        1. re: red dragon

          Thanks, red dragon! The online AYCE menus, although very detailed, does not list prices; only the a la carte menus do. I'm looking forward to checking this out soon as it's in my neighbourhood.

      2. Went with a buddy on Friday for dinner.

        Overall, not bad. Highlights were soft shell crab, the Moscow Roll (some kind of deep fried salmon roll thing). The salmon pizza was odd in that it wasn't salmon on top, but some kind of salmon tartare/salad. Nothing wrong with it, nothing great either.

        I didn't order a lot of sushi as my DC isn't a huge raw fish fan, and I did want to at least offer to share what I ordered.

        The half lobster was a nice touch, but really needed more napkins if I have to crack the shell open with my hands to get to the claw meat.

        Service was friendly, if a bit confused. We got the lunch choices card twice (and we put in two orders).

        For what it is (an AYCE), I liked it. Unlike other places in town with AYCE Japanese (Mariko comes to mind, but all the rest sort of blend together), things were fresher tasting. Next time I'll get some pure sushi to see how fresh their fish is.