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Dec 5, 2011 03:38 PM

CIOIPPINO Holiday dinner party ideas PLEASE!

Hi fellow foodies!

I am looking for some ideas for what sort of appetizers, cocktails and beverages would be good with a holiday Cioppino dinner?

Also would appreciate a light dessert and after dinner drink ideas.


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  1. is this a sit-down dinner? how many people? plated apps or passed hors d'oeuvres/apps on a table to self serve whilst mingling?

    preliminary thoughts...
    apps -- broccoli al limone, antipasti, balsamic grilled veggies, stuffed endives or mushrooms
    desserts -- tiramisu, braised fruit in a wine sauce with creme anglaise

    1. Cioppino's such a light meal, I think you could do some nice crostadas as nibbles and not worry about people being too full, maybe one with apple, prosciutto and parm and one with a tapenade. Or roasted tomatoes and goat cheese? Even just a nice heavy antipasti platter would be great. I'd probably serve a crunchy green salad ahead of time, too.

      Cocktails: negroni and champagne!

      1. I like the antipasti idea. You could also do a baked brie appetizer (possibly phyllo-wrapped) served with dried fruit and nuts. I would start the actual sit down meal with a salad - maybe with artichoke hearts or avocado. You could even start with a caprese salad. As for drinks, I'm partial to prosecco when I have fish and seafood.

        1. It is only for 8 people and I will just py them on a coffee table. Thank!