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Dec 5, 2011 03:04 PM

Jacob and Co - what to order?

I'm taking my bf this weekend to Jacob and Co for his 30th bday. What should we order? I know he wants to try one of the wagyu steaks and I will probably get one of the cheaper ribeyes. I've read good things about the ceaser salad and the duck fat fries. Anything else we should try?

Also, what would be a good amount of food to order? We will probably be hitting a bar afterward for the UFC fight so we need to have a bit of room for beer. Also, will he be okay in nice jeans or is it a dressier place?

Thanks! Looking forward to it - though my wallet not so much :)

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  1. Bumping this thread because I have some similar questions...

    I have never been to Jacobs but it's my birthday this month and I told the girlfriend I want to go here to celebrate it.

    My biggest questions are regarding parking -- since we are making the drive all the way from peel region just to eat here, I'm just curious about the parking situation. What's the best place to park, or is there any lots nearby within immediate walking distance? Where do you guys usually park when you go? I'm guessing there is probably valet, anyone know what that costs? $20+tip?

    And echoing the original poster, any "must try's" on the menu besides the tableside caesar salad and the steaks? I have been to Queue de Cheval in Montreal at least 5 times so I'm pretty familiar with these types of places. I won't be springing for the wagyu, haha. Any must try drinks or anything also? I'm mostly a beer guy but the girlfriend might enjoy something out of the ordinary

    Lastly, are reservations necessary? It's just 2 of us on a weekday so we should be okay, right?

    Thanks again for any tips/comments/suggestions. Can't wait to try this place out!


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    1. re: duckdown

      Re: parking, I live nearby but see on their website that valet is offered Thur, Fri, Sat for $20. Pretty easy to find metered parking on King St during the week.

      Has anybody tried the Berkshire Pork Ribeye? I noticed it online just now but haven't seen it on the menu before. Maybe I just always jump to the steak and miss it.

      The stand out Jacobs item for me has been the take-away muffin you often get at the end of the meal. Whether chocolate chip or streusel, they are great!

      1. re: duckdown

        Yes, you have to make reservations. You can even just make them online but otherwise they get big business groups during the weekdays and they run out of room. It's a small restaurant. If it's your birthday,let them know - they'll do something special.

        Parking lots include the condo across the street and a Green P parking lot at King/Brant (next to the Starbucks at King Street). Street parking until 9 pm on weekdays. Valet only on weekends and it's $20 cash.

        I would say the duck fat fries are a must-try.

        1. re: duckdown

          I usually just park right outside the restaurant. There are a few spots there... I've not got a ticket as yet.

          Standout items:

          Bone-in aged Ribeye (please don't order striploin or tenderloin!)
          Caesar Salad
          Pop-overs (complimentary)

          No real stand out drinks - although they occasionally have some great wines by the glass.

            1. re: haggisdragon

              I love striploin.. Queue de Cheval has a Kansas City Striploin which is bone-in striploin with a large L-shaped bone in it, that's usually what I ordered when I went there. Delicious!

              Maybe he's not recommending it here because they only have the boneless variety?

              Thanks again for all the helpful advice so far, folks! Debating about maybe just grabbing a hotel room downtown and parking the car there overnight. Would be able to go bar hopping after the steakhouse too which would be nice without worrying about needing to drive anywhere after

              If anyone else has any input though feel free to add your favorite items to the list as well!

              Cheers and thanks again !

              1. re: duckdown

                I had the U.S.D.A Prime 38 day aged 18oz Ribeye topped with a slab of foie gras...
                Sooo good! All the sides were tasty,the table side ceasar is a must, the shrimp cocktail a little spendy but good.
                Booking a hotel sounds like a great idea,eat and drink as much as you like with nothing(except your wallet)to worry about.. :)

              2. re: haggisdragon

                everything! ha! I'd take a flank steak over a striploin!

                In any case - the striploins at J&C aren't nearly as good as the Ribeye's (although, I obviously find that to be true in general).

                1. re: justxpete

                  It's true about ribeyes. Anybody can make a good ribeye. Flank steaks take some talent and know-how to be awesome!

              3. re: justxpete

                lol, I was going to say "don't park in front of the restaurant!" as I've gotten nailed 2X$30 (in one night) for parking in the wrong spot. It's one in particular - there are a trillion signs and I thought I could park 'till midnight. This was a few years ago, so that might have changed.

                1. re: jlunar

                  Presuming they still have the reasonable BYO policy it is also a great place to take the killer bottle of wine you have been saving for a great piece of beef.

                    1. re: canadianbeaver

                      That is a bit less reasonable than it once was!

                      Nevertheless, a $100 bottle at the LCBO would list at roughly $250 + $75 T&T = $325 in the restaurant which makes the corkage look like a bargain to me.

              4. re: duckdown

                I've had the luxury of going there several times and doing a "sampler" of usually 4 different steaks to share amongst a group. Ribeye of any sort always wins. I'd skip the wagyu. It's more about the buttery fatness and really lacks beefiness.

                As someone else has mentioned, table side caesar salad is stellar, with white anchovies!

                1. re: duckdown

                  I unfortunately haven't been to Jacob and Co yet but have been to Queue de Cheval and I'm hoping it's better than that. Last time I was there we sent 5 of 6 steaks back. Both Moishe's and Gibby's are better in my opinion.

                2. From my experience, it is a good idea to have a proper chat with waiter. Their waiters are opinionated (vs the horrid "many people like the xyz" response one gets at TGIF and the like). That said, I like the Canadian (not the US, though that is very good too) rib eye, rare or medium rare. For me, it is the best steak you'll get in the city. Far superior to what's available at the other steak houses. So.

                  Get the caesar salad to start. With anchovies..
                  Get the Alberta Ribeye (medium rare at most). Get a nice red wine to go with, or (if you don't like wines), one of their lovely bourbons.
                  The sides are not all that. Duck fat fries, particularly, are a yawn, though they get lots of press. Generally, you won't find that they are as good at sides here as the folks are at Harbor 60 (where even the creamed spinach makes me faint with joy). So get something by way of green veggie and maybe the gratin dauphinoise (I think they have one) for a potato thing.
                  The desserts are DEFINITELY not all that. So plan to order coffee and skip the dessert. In the happy knowledge that even though you will likely have eaten far more red meat than your cardiologist believes happy or possible, you'll be able to walk out under your own steam. Rather than having to be rolled out by the oompa-loompas they keep to help out with some of their more unfortunately overstuffed patrons! ;-)

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                  1. re: linengirl

                    linengirl gives good advice here. I would concur about the sides not being all that. I do recall a braised onion on one of the times I ate there that was stellar. I had an aged bavette that was by far the best steak I have ever eaten.

                  2. Went tonight. The beef tartar was amazing. Really fresh, moist, delicious. Steak was good, love the salt sides. Oysters were great too. Duck fat fries were just meh; made better by dipping them in the blue cheese sauce that comes with the steak. Service was great as always! Had the frozen lemon torte (dessert special) and it was delicious; although I agree the main sides aren't very good I disagree with linengirl as I've never had a disappointing dessert.