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Dec 5, 2011 02:20 PM

Looking for Dungeness crab fat (tomalley) recipe

With crab season upon us, I purchased two very angry specimens yesterday (approx. 2lbs each) and steamed in a little vinegar and saltwater. They meat was sweet and delicious, but I still have half a bowl of crab fat (tomalley) from the top shell. Aside from eating it straight, anybody have any recipes or ideas? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The original recipe for Tra Vigne's roasted garlic crab had a recipe for using the crab fat. It was a dip to be eaten with the garlic crab-sooooo yummy. You scoop out all the crab fat into a sieve and press it into saucepan. Reduce it down so it's not too watery. Fold this into mayo with lemon juice and a pinch of chili powder (we use chipotle). Can't give exact amounts as it depends on how much fat you have. But in general about 2 tablespoons reduced fat with ~ 1/2 cup mayo, tsp or less of lemon juice and pinch of chili. We make this every year for New Years.

    1. Scramble some eggs with it.

      Per egg; 2-3 T crab butter, 1/4 t soy sauce, black pepper.

      1. When I had access to a gas cooktop, I used to invert the shell directly onto the burner, crack an egg into it, and scramble the egg in the carapace, making sure to scrape all the good stuff from the furthest reaches of the shell. Drizzle in a little bit of mirin or sherry, and about an equal amount of soy sauce. When the egg is nearly done, add a bit of minced scallion, and sneak off to the closet to enjoy in private...away from interlopers.

        It doesn't work so well on an electric cooktop, tho.

        1. Is the tomalley the yellow or the white, in the crab shell? My mom used this with olive oil, garlic
          and lots of lemon juice. It was wonderful. Just not sure which I should use in the mix.
          Thank you.

          1. The SF Chronicle had an article in yesterday's edition on Hayes Valley chefs' holiday dinner challenge. One of the recipes was for Seafood Gumbo, which uses crab tomalley.