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Dec 5, 2011 01:06 PM

Cousins Reunion in Bronx

I have a group of cousins who are finding our way holding reunions probably twice a year.
Things are going great, but we are interested in exploring the possibilities of a restaurant in the Bronx.
We have been to Brooklyn, where we had a private room and lots of room for kids to run around.
More recently, we have been in Manhattan, largely to accommodate the needs of an UWS relative who cannot travel far. However, the spaces are not ideal for mingling when the turnout is high.

Any suggestions for a restaurant in the Bronx that would have good food -- needs to be pretty good, does not need to be outstanding. A private room is ideal but not essential. A good atmosphere is important. The group size might be 35 - 45.

All ideas are welcome! Thanks.

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  1. Bronx ITALIAN restaurants with good food and a very nice private room include:

    Tosca's -->

    Louis Seafood -->

    Patricia's -->

    F&J Pine Restaurant -->

    Tosca's has the best atmosphere and food IMO. Ask if they can accomodate you perhaps in the space next to the sushi bar. They often have sizeable groups there (rather than sequester you in the catering hall portion of their restaurant next door). Louis Seafood OTOH has a private room where you'll be away from any atmosphere at all -- isolated. Patricia's, same. The Pine however can reserve a nice portion of the restaurant for you. I would ask to be seated in the NEW "Main dining area" and not the "original" dining room from twenty plus years ago. (Those who know the Pine know what I'm talking about). HTH.

    1. Cheese Boy, thank you so much. I've seen some of these on lists. It's great to know which ones are good. I will check them out.