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Dec 5, 2011 12:30 PM

Need Cuban and German restaurant recommendations for visiting New Yorkers

I have family from New York and Hong Kong visiting next week and am in need of restaurant recommendations. My sister from New York wants great Cuban food similar to La Teresita in Tampa if anyone is familiar with that establishment and the Hong Kong family memebrs want German food. Family will be staying in South Beach/Bal Harbour areas and we are willing to drive for a great meal. If German is not an option, will gladly accept Eastern European recommendations.

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  1. What if Cuban is not a recommended option?

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    1. re: mialebven

      I am open to suggestions. My family are foodies so any great dining be it a dive or high end is greatly appreciated.

    2. Sazon in North Beach for Cuban.

      Royal Bavarian Schnitzel Haus just on mainland side of 79th Street Causeway for German.

      Fascinated as to why visitors to Miami from Hong Kong should want German food.