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Dec 5, 2011 12:17 PM

anyplace for lunch near Somerville District Court?

I have jury duty there tomorrow. TIA.

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  1. There isn't a whole lot of things I can recommend in the immediate area (there's a 99 Restaurant and a Dunkin' Donuts). About a half mile away in East Somerville is Vinny's (Italian, looks like a store front). Over the bridge a half mile away is a Not Your Average Joe's (a decent chain). The other places I have gone in the area like Fasika don't do lunch.

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    1. re: yarm

      Thanks. I was afraid that might be the case. Think I will pack a sandwich....

    2. At Station Landing in Medford (Wellington Circle) not far from the Somerville District Court is Kelly's Roast Beef, Regina Pizza, Quizno's, Starbucks, Not Your Average Joe's & Qdoba. Also at Wellington Circle next to CVS is Chipotle, Boston Market, Kabab Corner (Indian) & Subway.

      1. I like Maya Sol in on Broadway in East Somerville. They have really fresh Salvadoran and Mexican dishes and I especially love the pupusas (all diff flavors). Yum.

        1. GretchenS are you driving because that makes a difference and any idea on how long you have for lunch?

          Some of my likes in the area are Tapatio, Vinny's, Gauchao, and Monte Cristo on Broadway and all serve lunch. There are also Brazilian and Salvadoran bakery options there, plus a Brazilian lunch counter. On Rt 99 (also Broadway) in Everett you have Mike's Roast Beef. There was a pretty good run down on station landing, but on Middlesex behind the mall there is also Sunrise Haitian restaurant but I haven't had a great experience with it (and its not much further into Malden to reach Dom's Sausage or Fuloon if you have at least an hour or more if by T). Lots of options on Main and Broadway in Everett past the 99 rotary (Braza, Broadway Cafe, Abbondanza). JJ's at Washington St and McGrath (be careful about parking as they ticket aggressively) also serves lunch and is good about telling you which (few) dishes take longer to prepare.

          Not much right at the court, but look at the map from this old (out of date) thread to see there is a fair amount of chow nearby. :-)

          1. Ha, ha! Me too! I'll trade sandwiches with you. I was actually wondering what one did for lunch during jury duty because I doubt there'll be a microwave for my usual leftover warm-up. I'm driving, so looks like I'll head to Station Landing for ease if not for chowishness.