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Dec 5, 2011 12:14 PM

LaBrea Bakery frozen take & Bake

I fell in love with the dinner rolls and the baguettes,now cannot find them at Stater Bros. or Ralphs where I used to get them. Sent e-mail to customer service at LaBrea. Reply was they are now in refrigerated section! but neither store knows anything about them! Come on, why have customer srvice if they don't know the answers?

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  1. Not sure if this helps but La Brea Bakery rolls are in the freezer section at Gelson's. Saw them a few hours ago.

    1. i got them at ralph's in the bread section before, now in the refrigerated section. Love the telera rolls for sandwiches.

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        Thanks to both of you !!!! I am in the Newport Beach-Huntington Beach area. What area are you referring to? I will call both Ralphs and Gelsons here to see if they now have them!

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          My Ralphs is in Monterey Park. If they have em here, I'd guess that they would have em in your area.

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            I found them! They are available at one of the Ralph's in Huntington Beach in a very upscale area of the city. Wonder if LaBrea is being choosy as to where they distribute them since they do do have them at other Ralph's I have called..

      2. they have them at vons too. although i'm not sure about your area. but my mom bought a ton of them when they were on manager markdown. there was a catalina for them at the time.

        1. Finally found the Take 'n Bake products at Ralph's Fresh Fare in Villa Park. They had the baguettes and dinner rolls, but none of the five Take 'n Bake items listed on the La Brea website. They weren't frozen or refrigerated, but sitting out with other La Brea Bakery baked goods. The bakery guy said they were "parbaked." Instructions said to bake at 385 for 8-10 minutes. I bought the Take 'n Bake baguettes and baked according to instructions. They came out tough and very, very crusty and there was no aroma of fresh baked bread. I would have done better if I'd bought the already baked baguettes, which are usually pretty great.

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            Thanks for the info. I just got an e-mail from customer service at LaBrea saying they have discontinued the frozen products and they are now selling what you referred to as "take and bake" but they did not say where they could be found in the stores so you have solved that question for me. Does not sound like a "happy change" but will post when I give thm a try. I loaded up on the frozen ones I was able to find so it will be a while.