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Chocolate Expo, Secaucus NJ Report

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Chocolate Expo? Sign me up!

I've been to the Chocolate Show in NY and LOVED it. So when I found out about the one in nearby Secaucus, I gathered a group of friends and eagerly barreled to the Chocolate Expo.

Boy, what a letdown.

There were so many problems with this Expo, I do not know where to begin.

Most importantly...where the chocolate at??
There were 70 booths, and only about 7 had chocolate. There were pretzels, cupcakes, Greek dips, wine, lemonade....Greek dips?? Of the 7, only 2 of the chocolate offerings were even any good. It would have been fairer to bill this as a food expo, to avoid any confusion.
From what I remember of the NY Chocolate show, every booth was chocolate. There was no Greek dips to be found. Furthermore, the Ny version was filled to the brim with gourmet chocolate offerings. The NJ one had several booths with Whitman-quality chocolate. Hardly worth the $15 admission.

Let's move to samples. Lots of booths were not even offering samples. Why charge $15 if you need to come in and buy everything anyway? Skip the admission fee if that is going to be the case. Also, from a marketing perspective, when you offer samples, your sales go up exponentially. Don't offer samples, and you are penny-wise, pound-foolish. You have a captive audience, and let me tell you..everyone there is looking for samples. I could tell from watching my friends only- evey single thing they sampled they bought. Everything not being offered as a sample, they skipped and moved onto the next booth.

And crowded. Ok, we understand the crowds. Everyone loves chocolate. But pushy, inconsiderate, selfish crowds. Other Expos I have been to, every lines up and is is respectful. This was crowds of people bum-rushing each booth for samples. Uncomfortable and obnoxious. The only booth with a line was the Cabot Creamery, and tons of people were pretending they did not see the line, and cutting off people to get their cheddar. People don't see what they don't want to see.

What a &&%-show let down.

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  1. Chowsue, I'm so sorry to hear about your disappointing and miserable experience. That was truly not our intention. We really appreciate your feedback. I do hope you don't judge the entire company by this one experience. We strive to do just one thing. Create Positive Human Connections. Feel free to reach out to us directly at info@chocolateworldexpo.com if you ever have any questions or comments. Thanks again for the feedback. Chowsue, the chocolate expo does focus on chocolate, that includes, chocolate pickles, chocolate wines, cheeses with infused chocolate, we even added chocolate bacon to our list this year. The event admission was $15/person.The CHOCOLATE SHOW in Manhattan was $30/person.Overall, Chocolate World Expo is the place to be for anyone in the chocolate business and anyone in the area who loves chocolate. All the best Chowsue!