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Dec 5, 2011 11:34 AM

Looking for good places to eat in wine country that will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

We need some suggestions for good places to eat on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Best selections would be near Yountville, but we can certainly drive further. It isn't a requirement that the meal be festive, although that would be nice. We're mainly just looking for really good food from very inexpensive and casual to expensive & Christmasy. It may be a little late for reservations at some places, but it's worth a try. We're open to both lunch and/or dinner suggestions...................While I'm at it, it would be good to get the same suggestions for breakfast. I assume that only hotel restaurants would be open for breakfast/brunch on Christmas day. Thank you, thank you in advance!!

P.S. I've heard many conflicting reviews for Bottega. Lots of complaints about rushed service and noise. Any thoughts or opinions?

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  1. Try Brix. They are opened both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The food is very good and the surroundings gorgeous. The Christmas menu is online on their website.

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      When did the chefs change at Brix? Have you been since Chris Jones took over as executive chef?