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Dec 5, 2011 11:32 AM

Dongpo Rou at Shanghai Bund [San Francisco]

There are many reviews on here justly praising Shanghai Bund, including the dongpo rou/red cooked pork(/grandmother's meat? that's how I heard one of its names translated in Shanghai.) But I'm not sure whether they're praising the same dish that I'm writing about, and even if so, one of its greatest virtues has been omitted. So:

They serve dongpo rou. It's a slow-cooked delicious thick square of pork belly served in a little jar. Maybe 3'' x 3'' x 1.5 ''. It's super-fatty and delicious, and stands up well to the ones I've had in Shanghai itself. And it's four bucks! It's small enough that one person can have it alone without feeling silly and bloated afterwards. (Though two or three could easily have a few bites each.)

This is the only place I have seen it around here in this form (I've had and enjoyed the dong po pork shoulder and such at Little Sichuan and China Village and something similar at the Shanghai Place in Milpitas Square). I'd be glad to know if other places also serve this.

There is also $28 dongpo pork dish on the menu at Bund which I haven't ordered. I presume it's a different cut of meat, rather than an 8'' x 8'' square of pork belly. The $3.99 one I first saw on a photo outside, but that's now gone. I couldn't find it on the menu yesterday, but when I asked the waiter for it, I asked for the small one, and got the right thing.

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  1. interesting attribution from your Shanghai source for the name of the dish deriving from someone's granny -- a braised pork belly dish by that name is often associated with the 11th century poet and scholar/official Su Dong-po as one of his favorites. [if you happen to like classical poetry there are many translations of his work]

    1. Adding a link to the correct name.

      Bund Shanghai
      640 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA

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      1. Bund Shanghai does serve the bone-in pork shoulder, and it's quite good. this crab season we tried a dish there for the first time, and it turned out to be our favorite whole crab preparation we had in the '12-'13 season. it's served with their rice cakes (the best we've found in this area) and there's a color photo of the dish by their front door.