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May 20, 2006 07:34 PM

BEST milkshakes ever?

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i'm craving milkshakes all of a sudden and wondered what your favorites are and where? I rarely drink them so when I do I want it to be worth it!

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  1. PB and coffee at Peanut Butter & Co. in NY and, in a pinch, at Mashti Malone's on La Brea.

    At PB & Co. you can ask them to blend PB into a coffee milkshake, but at Mashti Malone's you have to blend PB and coffee ice creams. Coffee ice cream with blended PB is, in my opinion, a much better combination...

    1. My best milk shake was at the counter... Their Apple Pie Milkshake... SOOO good...


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      1. re: Dommy!

        the counter uses a good quality ice cream as a base.
        it makes all the difference.

        1. re: westsidegal

          I second the Counter. Great good all around.

      2. My favorite is the toasted pecan milkshake at Lucky Devil's in Hollywood.

        1. Sandwiches By Connal has so many flavors. Try Peanut Butter & Banana or Chocolate & Banana and so many more. A must is "Boston Style" (scoop of ice cream on top). Theese are very good.

          Sandwiches By Connal (original post by ipsi dixit)
          1505 E Washington Blvd
          Pasadena, CA 91104-2656
          (626) 794-5018

          1. fosselmans in alhambra, best milk shakes and the best most fresh ice cream ever

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            1. re: xlargela

              Fosselman's ... great ice cream, not so great shakes.

              1. re: ipse dixit

                Can't understand how you could have great ice cream and not have great shakes? Isn't the basic ingredient to a shake the ice cream?
                I'm not a milk shake fan...but I've seen their award for the best milk shake in LA by someone.

                1. re: K

                  Actually, I disagree.

                  While quality ingredients are always important, when it comes to a milkshake the proportion of milk to ice cream is just as important.

                  For some reason, Fosselman's iteration is just a bit off. Maybe it's the high butterfat content of their ice cream, who knows ... but I don't really think premium ice cream is well-suited for milkshakes.

                  Just a personal preference I guess.

                  1. re: ipse dixit

                    I would suggest that this is true for some flavors. Chocolate, I've noticed, can have a lot more flavor in a lower-fat ice cream. I think the more astringent flavors such as lemon and green tea work better in very rich ice creams, which is probably why I love'em so...

                    That said, a Fosselman's double-chocolate malt (chocolate syrup AND ice cream) will keep my toes curled for a week.

              2. re: xlargela

                THE perfect milkshake:

                The green tea milkshake at Buster's Coffee in South Pasadena - they indeed use Fosselman's ice cream (they've got many flavors) - BUT my fave by far is the green tea shake. So damn good!

                1006 Mission St.
                South Pasadena
                (626) 441-0744

                1. re: JL

                  By the way, a close second to Buster's in South Pasadena is the Oreo shake at Cafe 50's in West LA, on Santa Monica Blvd.

                  Cafe 50's
                  11623 Santa Monica Bl.
                  West Los Angeles
                  (310) 479-1955

                  1. re: JL

                    How'sthe rest of the food at 50's Cafe? Decent and reasonable enough for a casual meal, or best avoided unless hungering for nostalgia?

                    1. re: nooodles

                      It's good! A huge menu of the usual favorites. Try it.