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Dec 5, 2011 11:09 AM

lobster thermidor in paris

hi there. wonderiing if anyone can help me
where can i find lobster thermidor in paris?

thank you so much


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  1. I apologize in advance for not answering your question but I wanted to warn you about the your request. Homard Thermidor is a quite outdated recipe which belongs to another era when food was richer, sauces heavier. In short, I am not sure many chefs today would put that on a menu.
    Maybe someone will put forward some chef who can revisit the recipe ? but then to make it in agreement with today's taste would require some emancipation from the original.
    Maybe you were aware of all that and you were looking for an historical experience rather than gastronomical one?

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    1. re: Theobroma

      Totally agree.
      Saw it at Vaudeville but I can neither recommend the resto nor the dish.

    2. I seem to recall seeing this on the menu at the Baccarat Crystal Room, but please check before you go as this dish is definitely disappearing in Paris.

      1. L'Espadon provides the dish you want
        Also, some other classical French dish such as Beef Rossini
        Honestly, it wasn't as great as expected - not really worth it unless you really crave for it