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Dec 5, 2011 10:54 AM

Pizza Can you help me find this ??

On a recent trip to Montreal, a cousin of mine picked up a slab of pizza that I have never seen before and it was terrific. A large suquare of what was really a thick bread abour one inch high or a little more and simply spread on top with a tomatoe sauce. I would love trying to make it at home here in British Columbia, but need a receipe for the bread crust. Can anyone help?? What is it called ?? No one out here has a clue what I am talking about.

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  1. Did they buy it from the supermarket? If it is what I am thinking of, the crust is more like a foccacia?

    1. Pizza al taglio. I think it's also called Roman-style pizza. It's usually sold in bakeries.

      EDIT: Sorry I read too fast. What you had is bakery pizza. It's a version of pizza al taglio, but without all the toppings.

      RE-EDIT: That specific version of pizza al taglio is called pizza rossa.

      1. Sounds like the famous Bread Pizza to me. Great stuff for sure!

        1. Ooh, I know what this is! Strangely enough, this was, I think, the first unfamiliar foodstuff I got familiar with when I moved here to Montreal from BC (the island) a few years ago. I got it from a bakery on St Laurent in Little Italy - it's very small (the bakery, not the pizza) and is either called Roma or is next to a cafe called Roma. I spent a summer living on this stuff, YUM.

          Edit: Just checked, the place is Boulangerie/Patisserie Roma.

          1. you can also find recipes for this by googling philadelphia-style tomato pie.