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Dec 5, 2011 10:32 AM

Where should I buy my whole prime rib roast? (Saratoga Springs)

I need a rib roast to feed 20 on Christmas. I'm thinking this means I'll need a whole 7-rib roast (approx 15 lb). I've gotten one at Price Chopper in the past (on sale) and it was decent, but thought i'd look into other options for sourcing it this time Any recommendations for where I could get a good quality roast at a reasonable price? I'm willing to drive to Albany if needed.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you've got a Costco in the vicinity, their beef is very good, well priced and their high inventory turn means its fresh. Some places have Prime grade for some cuts, though I personally prefer choice for a rib roast (as opposed to loin, where Prime is measurably better IMHO)

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      I live in Saratoga Springs and have been very happy with the meat I have bought and the service at Sanders Meat Market. They are on Rte 50 south between Saratoga and Ballston Spa, in Carousel Village on opposite side of road from the Ocean State Job Lot. They do sell prime beef, not choice beef.
      I have also heard good things about Fred the Butcher In Halfmoon (on Rte 9). I have a coworker who lives in Loudonville but goes up to Halfmoon to buy her meat there.

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        There is no Costco anywhere near Saratoga Springs (FWIW).

      2. It is difficult to find truly "prime" beef around here. Most of the best end up at restaurants. If you know someone with a connection to a restaurant kitchen or staff, they may be able to order you one. If not another suggestion may be Sorrentino's in Clifton Park.

        1. Try contacting Reliable Brothers in Green Island. That's where many good restaurants order their meat from.

          1. Might try the Meat House in the shopping center next to Price Chopper at Exit 15. I can't personally vouch for their beef, but have had good experience with their pork products

            1. Sorry, should have added this to my earlier reply. BJ's warehouse, also at Exit 15 in the Wilton Mall complex, has a butcher on site, and you may be able to cut a deal with them. They do a lot of larger cuts of meat. BJ's normally has some promotion going to give you a membership card for a couple of days free of charge, so it might be worth a shot.