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BCD for other than Soon Dofu - Rowland Heights

coconutz Dec 5, 2011 09:53 AM

I have had the soon dofu soup/stew at BCD and am craving it. But my father will rather have some grilled meat. What else is good? Bulgoki? Also what is the etiquette for sharing? I suppose we can share each other's, But 2 orders are way too much food for us, sharing a combo would work better. Is it really bad to share? or take extra food to go? Last visit I stuffed myself sick because I couldn't leave it on the table. Too delicious.

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  1. c
    catbert RE: coconutz Dec 7, 2011 05:19 PM

    sharing is usually fine but rice depends on the person working and/or restaurant. i've had it both ways. general rule is each person order their own rice.

    you can take the extra food for to-go but like rice, depends on the person and place. most frown when you ask for a ton of containers so you might have to combine if you're definite on taking. this is why like the places that let you get the containers yourself.

    i haven't been to bcd in a long time. they don't make as good as they used to. most meat eaters i know go for bulgogi or kalbi when it comes to korean. chicken and pork follows if you like the more spicy side of things.

    1. g
      goldplane RE: coconutz Dec 9, 2011 12:01 AM

      Definitely the galbi. When I go with my mom, we get one soon dubu + galbi combo, but our own rice. I don't know how legit BCD can get with their chicken or pork dishes, but their galbi has never failed me. (But then again, I've never been to the Rowland Heights location.)

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