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Dec 5, 2011 09:33 AM

Montclair Happy Hour deals?

Any good places to go in or around Montclair between 5-7PM? Any good deals, low priced drinks, good bar snacks?

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  1. Not sure about deals, but besides having the best burger in the area, Tierney is reasonable for drinks. If you want a bit of atmosphere Egan and Sons. I don't consider Montclair much of a bar scene.

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      Agreed! I can't say anything about deals, but Tierney's is an excellent place. I've had the burger there as well and it is good IMO. I wouldn't simply go to Tierney's for "a deal" or "a special" -- I would just go, regardless. Period. It's that kind of place. I've been there to hang out, meet friends, see bands, whatever. Always a good time. Very popular place.

    2. Menton, I think you'll be hard pressed to find happy hour specials in Montclair because so few places have a liquor license! Tierney's is (in the best way possible) a true dive bar; Egans is definitely more contemporary and upscale.

      Not far from there (less than a block from Stamna Greek Taverna, one of my favorite restaurants) is Bar Cara, which is technically in Bloomfield, but blocks out of Montclair. Not sure if they have HH specials, but it's a terrific spot as well, with a lovely bar/lounge area and bartenders who seem to know what they're doing. It's owned by the DePersio family--they also own Fascino in Montclair (upscale BYO).

      1. The food kinda sucks, but if you like microbrews The Office used to have very good happy hour prices on their decent selection of drafts. Probably the best selection in Montclair, FWIW.