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Dec 5, 2011 08:56 AM

Dinner near i-84 from Waterbury through Hartford

Hello Chowhounds
Driving with my son Thursday evening to Boston from Westchester County. Any recommendations for a good pit stop dinner close to I-84 in the corridor of Waterbury through Hartford? Looking for honest road food, could be a diner, local dive, etc. Thanks.

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  1. West Hartford:
    Hartford: Lena's (in the same building as Sullys Pub) cafeteria style with great soups, pizza slices, calzones etc.

    Southington: chili dogs

    1. We often stop at Nardelli's grinders in Waterbury (east of the city proper). It's just off I-84 (b/w exits 24 and 25)

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        Is that the place that has the sign/billboard for the "Best Grinders..."?

        1. re: viperlush

          Yes it is. They won the Connecticut Magazine poll for best grinder in the state for several years in a row. I can't say I've done an exhaustive survey of the grinder options in the state (and I'm sure there can be a lively thread if one doesn't already exist), but we first stopped there because of the awards and haven't been disappointed.

      2. Blackie's in Cheshire is about as honest road food you can get in the area. Yeah, it's hot dogs, but the history is pretty cool too. Great hummel hot dogs with homemade relish and no fries. Right off 84.

        1. I have always stopped at the Blue Colony diner in Newtown (in between Danbury and Waterbury) and had good, fast meals. Easy off/on.

          1. Exit 44 on I-84 will get you the GoldRoc 24/7. If travelling East, take exit, turn left at light, go over highway. Turn left at light, look for sign AFTER gas station on left.