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Dec 5, 2011 08:26 AM

creative and colorful sides?

Good morning! I'm hosting 12 friends for a holiday dinner on Friday evening and I'm looking for some ideas for light side dishes...something colorful and interesting. We're having appetizers, salad, a stuffed pork tenderloin, sweet potato gnocchi, squash and cranberry chutney. thanks!!

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  1. Red cabbage would be good with this menu, and has a lovely purply color when cooked. My favorite recipe:

    One small red cabbage, cored and shredded
    Two Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored and grated
    1/2 cup red currant jelly
    1/4 cup cider vinegar
    1/2 tsp salt

    Put everything into a heavy pot and simmer covered for about an hour. Stir it periodically and add a little water if it seems to be getting too dry. Delicious!

    1. Caramelized onion & garlic green beans would add color to the menu. Use fresh beans, blanch first then cook briefly in the caramelized onion'garlic mixture. You didn't say what the apps & salad were so as not to repeat items, it would help if you indicated.

      1. I love the dry austerity of broccoli backing a good bit of cheese and butter. Get a package or two of the florets, soak for about half an hour in cold water (gets rid of the tired taste), drain, and steam for about ten minutes. Dump into a bowl with a nice lump of butter and some salt, grate in plenty of parmigiano or pecorino or Comté, toss to mix and coat, turn out into a gratin dish. All that's left is to give it around ten minutes in a hot oven before you serve it. A nice alternative is to add some anchovy paste instead of the cheese; both broccoli and broccolini respond wonderfully to the anchovy flavor, so long as there's enough butter or olive oil involved.

        1. ribbons of carrot and zucchini, saute in butter, finish with parmesan or asiago