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Dec 5, 2011 08:02 AM

Visiting Miami next week!

Good Morning Miami. My sister and I have been given a week in Florida as a birthday gift to me. One of those birthdays ending in a zero! I generally hate people who ask such general questions but I have no time to do proper research. I am a chef. I would like to know where Miami-ans (I hope that's not to wrong) eat. We are staying in the Fountainbleu and I know that there are some wonderful restaurants there but.... We are not rich and far more interested in things like real Cuban, and comfort food, and seafood that's not dosed with foam, and a really good breakfast, and not at all interested in the chains. I would be ever so grateful to hear from anyone.
Have a great day!!

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  1. There are several good options particularly if you go north from the Fontainebleau towards North Beach and across the causeway into Miami's Upper East Side.

    I made these lists for Art Basel visitors but they ought to serve your purposes pretty well too ->

    1. In/near SOBE
      El Chalan
      Puerto Sagua
      Joe's Takeout
      The Alibi (dinner only) dive bar with great cheesesteak sandwiches and cupcakes other stuff is good as well.
      A la Folie