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Dec 5, 2011 07:34 AM

Hong Kong - Under the Bridge Spicy Crab

First heard about this restaurant from Singaporean friends/relatives who dined there during their holidays in Hong Kong. Then, as we were having Indonesian-style chilli crabs (cooked using Papua New Guinean crabs) in East Java a couple of weeks back, a Malaysian colleague also mentioned how much he preferred Under the Bridge's spicy crab dish in Hong Kong - which further heightened my curiousity.

Anyway, I finally got round to trying out their much-vaunted spicy crab this evening. The crabs were smallish (nowhere near the size of Sri Lankan crabs used in Singapore for chilli or black pepper crab dishes). The crisp garlic/chilli/scallion topping was good - but actually tasted better with pork ribs - yep, there was a Under the Bridge Pork-Rib dish, which was delicious.

Another signature dish - Under the Bridge fried rice was memorable - diced prawns, carrots, kailan stems, red cabbage and salted duck's egg yolk.

We also ordered the bittergourd and shrimp omelette which was delicious.

Address details
Under the Bridge Spicy Crab
Shop 6-9, G/F
429 Lockhart Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2573 7698

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  1. Klyeoh

    I love this restaurant. But the crabs are better in Singapore. I prefer the black pepper sauce also. Under the Bridge has great clams in chill garlic sauce also and I love the Prawns fried in Duck egg yolk too.


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    1. re: intrepidgourmand

      I agree - Singapore chilli crabs (cooked using those large meaty Sri Lankan crabs) are definitely superior to these HK spicy, garlicky crabs which may also be too oily for some diners.
      My fave crab dishes in South-east Asia are actually Thai-style curried crabs from T-Pochana in Bangkok (Thai crabs have sweeter flesh than Sri Lankan crabs) and steamed crabs from Sarang Kepiting in Jl Gunong Sahari in Jakarta (Indonesian crabs are also meaty, and with even sweeter flesh than Thai ones!).

      1. re: klyeoh

        The fried garlic bits also cause gas if too much is eaten....

        1. re: mikey8811

          Whoa, now *that* I didn't know, mikey. The only place I had problems with bloatedness due to its food was Korea - methinks I've got some allergic reaction to kim chi due to its fermented qualities. The last 3 times I was in Seoul, I have problems from week 2 onwards, which doesn't augur well for my 5-week trip to Korea this June.

          1. re: klyeoh

            I had some great Patagonian Tooth fish in Seoul. I think that is what they call sea bass there. I hate the Korean metal chop sticks. Much more difficult to use than the Chinese chop sticks. The easiest to use are the Japanese ones.

            1. re: intrepidgourmand

              I had an English colleague who went to Korea a couple of times with me, and he absolutely could not wield the thin, metallic Korean chopsticks. I had some difficulty myself as I only learnt to use chopsticks when I was about 20 years old.

              So, we'd inadvertently ask for wooden, disposable chopsticks which we could use - always available as all the restaurants stock them for takeaways ;-)

              1. re: klyeoh

                I will try that next time. Those metal ones are round and really difficult to use. The wooden disposable ones are a lot easier to use.

                Made any plans for Bangalore / Chennai yet?

                1. re: intrepidgourmand

                  So far, most likely return visits to Karavalli (Bangalore) for its incredible Keralan cuisine, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (Bangalore) for some of the best Udupi-style vegetarian cuisine in South India, Rain Tree (Chennai) for its spicy Chettinad cuisine, Woodlands (Chennai) for its superb, wafer-thin dosas (thosais) and Murugan (Chennai) for its idlis. Dum Pukht & Dakshin in both cities also beckon.

                  1. re: klyeoh

                    All very good. I love Ponnusamy in Chennai. They have 4 - 5 branches but the original is at Royapettah. Excellent Chettinad food, the local cuisine of Tamil Nadu. They will have stuff like Rabbit which is unusual in Indian food from other states. I love the Mutton pepper fry and the Egg Appams too. Everything at Murugan Idli is good including the Pongal and Dosa. MTR surely makes the best Masala Dosa in the world (and by a distance!). Grillhouse at Bangalore has decently priced steaks (Indian buffalo, so not very fatty).

                    1. re: intrepidgourmand

                      Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to post back :-)

                      1. re: intrepidgourmand

                        intrepidgourmand - posted back as promised:
                        - Ponnusamy in Bangalore

                        - Murugan Idli in Chennai

      2. i actually love this place, while its clearly not like fine dining or anything like that i find it so satisfying

        i reviewed it a while back and i ate here about a year ago as well:

        i dont think it really should be compared to singaporean chili crab b/c its not the same dish at all aside from the english name. that said i do love those sri lankan crabs you guys get in singapore.

        Besides the signature dish (mantis prawn version is great as well), i think the clams in spicy sauce, spare ribs, fish head and the steamed live scallops with garlic and vermicelli are excellent (the scallops were particularly surprisingly good last time i was there


        also next time ask them for congee, the garlic bits taste great in it

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        1. re: Lau

          If you think this place is good, you should have eaten their food when they were operating on Sampans in Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelters years ago!! The seafood of course was good. But what lingered in my mind was those small bowl of Roasted Duck on Rice noodle Ho-Fun. So damn flavorful!! Somehow, it just tasted different? Additional of sea water spray, may be?! Ha!!
          They also have an incredible 'sweet and slightly tangy' clams which somehow no one managed to duplicate nowadays?!! Way, way better than the common garlic, black bean sauce or spicy preparation these days!!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            i would have loved to eaten on one of those, sounds awesome

            the food you're talking about sounds incredible, id need to see a pic to see if ive ever tried it actually dying for real cantonese food in HK, hopefully make it at the end of the year for a couple of days (tenatively planning on going to taiwan for a bit)