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Dec 5, 2011 07:06 AM

Cutting Butter Into Flour--What Instrument Do You Use and Why for Pie Dough

Do you use a pastry cutter or something else? Thank you

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  1. Don't have a food processor and pasty blender doesn't work for me- it just seems to lump up. I use a fork with larger tines than a regular fork. Don't know where i got it. I think it may have been my grandmother's.

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      Those are actually called granny forks! I suspect yours is old and much cooler, but here's the modern incarnation:

    2. I use a pastry cutter but in the past used a fork or fingers.

      1. I use a pastry cutter. It works a lot better for me than forks.

        1. Use my FP for pastry dough. You might want to ask SC for one for Xmas! I use it constantly, couldn't be without it, they have really come down in price.

          1. I don't really want a Food Processor (*gasp) but I do know what
            you mean about the pastry blender (of which I have 2 )
            after I get most of the butter incorporated I usually crumble the
            bigger blobs in with my fingers till it is the consistency I like.

            I think I may put that Granny Fork on my Christmas wish list !!
            Thanks for the links splatgirl !!!! :-)

            BTW, I am hoping my SC brings me a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer though.
            Sorry, don't mean to highjack...