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Dec 5, 2011 06:44 AM

Chefs Table Reservation

Feeling really stupid but I cant figure out the Chefs Table Reservations. If I want to try and book for Jan 20 or Jan 21, when do I need to call.


Brooklyn Fare
200 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. You were supposed to do it this morning at 10:30. Probably too late.

    1. Presume you mean the Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. If so, sgordon is correct. Call anyway, and put your name on the cancellation list.

      1. From my experience (and success in getting reservation after calling a week too soon), if you were to have gotten through today, you would have found they were taking reservations for the week of Jan 9. (They book 6 weeks in advance, but you have to count "this" week as the first.) So, since you are interested in Jan 20/21, start dialing frantically at 10:30am on Dec 12. If you call today, you can clarify/verify the policy.

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        1. re: boredough

          Thanks - yes I did call and you are right boredough. Wish me luck for next week.

        2. I'm curious if you were able to get a reservation. I'm planning on trying to get a reservation in May and was wondering what to expect. If you got through, what time did you get through? Did they have your desired dates? I'm trying to figure out how long it takes for them to fill up for the week, which would give me an idea of how long i should keep hitting redial.


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          1. re: PorkyBelly

            Yes I was able to get a table, at 10am. My recommendation is to try calling early and to just keep calling until you get through to someone. I would also recommend going on the wait list, a few people there managed to get reservations that way.
            Finally, and unbelievably, they have a number of no shows. If all else fails, and if you really want to go you could just try walking in an talking to them and getting a beer near by.

            The experience is good and memorable, but its not a 3* star experience. Some of the fish was a little tasteless. With that said it is a memorable experience, and some of the dishes were a direct hit.

            Another thing to note - I direct know it but it is really a fish restaurant - there were around 12 courses of sashimi - just note if that is your thing.

            1. re: olly78

              "If all else fails, and if you really want to go you could just try walking in an talking to them and getting a beer near by."

              Wow, this would be the ultimate walk-in. Has anyone really gotten in this way?
              Also, olly, was your visit since the wine list was instituted? If so, can you make some observations on the types of wine on the list and the price range?

              1. re: olly78

                Thanks for the advice, good to know about the walk-ins. You mentioned you were able to get through on the phones at 10am, but their website says they start taking reservations at 10:30am. Do they start answering phones before 10:30? How early did you start calling?

                1. re: PorkyBelly

                  Sorry - just want to be clear, I dont think they have an official walk in policy. I'm just saying that I know some people did not show for their meals. If you walk in then you may get lucky (of course they may just say that they need to keep the seats open, in case they come late, though the meal doesnt really lend itself to that).

                  Yes they had wine! A lot of German, Austrian, and, naturally white. There wasnt a huge amount from France, or new world (that I remember).

                  Cant remember when I started calling - sorry. However I think I only got through later. I meant to write that I got a table for 10pm. Its not as painful as it sounds....

                  Sorry again for the confusion, its been a long day...

                  Just an fyi. I also went to Per Se and Le Bernardin my long weekend (and was full at the end). For my money Le Bernardin was the better experience, in terms of food and room and service. The room just buzzes there!

                  1. re: olly78

                    Thanks, olly. In my several visits, there was never an empty seat. I don't think it is reasonable for anyone to try to walk in. They do maintain a waiting list and I've been called for a seat off the waiting list. It doesn't hurt to call a week or so in advance and put one's name on the list.

              2. re: PorkyBelly

                I have found that the entire week (Tues-Sat) can be booked by 11am - this I learned when I got through around 11:05! You might have a better chance if your desired date is not a Fri or Sat. On the other hand, AFAIK, the 10pm (third) seating is only on Fri/Sat. The other days they only have 2 seatings (7 & 7:45?). And so you don't waste time dialing/re-dialing for nothing, be sure to pick the correct Monday (since the rules are somewhat confusing) - call on April 2 for the week of May 7. (olly78 confirmed this is the policy) Good luck!

                1. re: boredough

                  Here's an interesting blog entry that crossed my consciousness this morning:

                  In case you don't want to read the entire entry (it's a sort of mommy blog meets foodie blog), it seems as if this woman scored a seat at the table recently, through a method I didn't even know it in her own words:

                  "...this restaurant is absolutely impossible to get into so when Amex was kind enough to help take the time making the calls for me…and got the reservation…no way no how was I giving it up...."

                  Amex was kind enough to help take the time making the calls for me? What?
                  Maybe I should be calling Amex to help me better arrange my life....

                  Anyway, her friend had a great memory of many of the dishes served, so it's an interesting view of what dinner at BF these days is like.

                  1. re: famdoc

                    Thanks for the tips. I'll be in NYC the week of May 14th so I'll be calling April 9th at 10:30am.

                    That's interesting about amex. I know some restaurants (the french laundry, tetsuyas) set aside tables just for AMEX concierges. I wouldn't think BF would set aside a couple seats for AMEX. Perhaps the concierge just calls the number like the rest of the genpop.

                    1. re: famdoc

                      I may be wrong butI infer that as a calculatedly offhand reference to the concierge service that comes with some of American Express' higher end products such as (I believe) Platinum and Centurion. (I don't have those cards or those services, mind you...)

                      Staying on-topic - have the prices and examples of wine pairings at BF been posted anywhere, and/or is BYOB still allowed (with or without corkage)? As incomparable as BF is, it is in danger of pricing itself out of the range of this eater (or already has...) - is it still $185 + service?

                      1. re: cazique

                        $225 plus 20% tax and service.
                        Corkage fee is $70 per bottle. Max of 2.
                        All I"ve heard about wine list is prices range from $50 and up. Emphasis on old-world whites, from what I've read.

                        Please read this: