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Dec 5, 2011 06:39 AM

Can you refreeze previously frozen cookies?

So I know the conventional wisdom is not to refreeze meats after they have defrosted but does the same hold true for cookies? We had a Christmas Desserts party Saturday night and a lot of the cookies I had made in advance and frozen. Now I would love to save the left overs until Christmas Eve so I don't have to make another batch of everything but I don't think they'd all do well just in the cupboard. Can I freeze them again?

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  1. I'd be afraid they'd get soggy. Unless they are vacuum sealed before freezing I don't think I'd re-freeze them.

    1. Depends on the cookies. I would just go for it, You could wrap one of each type of cookie and freeze/thaw them as a test, but I think they'll be just fine. There are not the same issues with baked goods that there are with meat.

      1. You'll lose quality but it won't be dangerous like meat might be.

        1. No harm in trying...pretasting would be key, but there's plenty of time to freeze and thaw once more before Christmas. As a baked good I don't think there is any food safety issue wrt thawing and refreezing.

          1. I think cookies are more like bread and can be froze, thawed and refrozen. The thing I would watch out for is picking up off flavors. Someone at my work brought in cookies that I believe had been frozen and then thawed and they have a really funny off-taste. I could not eat the cookie.

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              Absolutely. I do this often with both bread and cookies. Just last night I ate a few Italian almond-paste cookies that I had frozen/thawed two times. They were fine. I freeze cookies in zip-loc bags, sometimes putting one zip loc into the other. I freeze bread in foil and place in Zip-Loc.